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The moon represents our parents, family, community and country.  Neptune in aspect to the moon we meet the idea of our parental ideals, as children we create a narcissistic fantasy of what our parents should be, in reality they can only be who they are with all their faults, flaws and imperfections.  When our parents fail to meet our narcissistic ideals which all do, we then often create a fantasy in which their failure to comply with our ideal is because the parent does not love them enough, this is impossible people cannot stop having cancer because they love, they cannot stop being diabetic because they love you, they cannot stop having issues because they love you and they cannot stop being mere humans because they love you. Your parents may have deep flaws but they are not because they don’t love you they are because all of us have deep flaws as humans. However deep those flaws are and however bad the decisions are that they make they are like all of us trying to do their best.  Yes they may get things wrong all of us do.  Our parents are mere humans like the rest of us and coming to grips with the fact that they were never our narcissistic ideal is part of our maturity to real love.

Real love recognises the difference between a real live humans with flaws and a narcissistic ideal of perfection it slays the ideal of our narcissism and accepts the imperfection of humanity as worthy of love despite its flaws, mistakes and issues.  Our relationship with our parents is the first time we have to go through this process.  For some of us going through the process of coming to terms with our own narcissism and the imperfections of our parents take a life time.  For some they refuse to leave behind the story of why their parents could not fulfil their narcissist ideal and cling to its familiarity, blame and martyrdom.

The same narcissism applies to our community and country, we all have a narcissistic ideal of what our communities and countries should be.  Our communities are filled with human beings with faults, flaws, issues and their own problems, they are not there solely to fulfil our needs. Modern society often suffers from the opposite of narcissistic nationalism where they believe their country is the greatest, and that is the narcissistic belief that their country is not the greatest because their group, political, social or spiritual is not in control.  How much you have this type of narcissism may be indicative of how true you believe the following to be: If my group ruled the world it would be a much better place, I will never be satisfied until my group gets all that it deserves, I insist upon my group getting the respect that is due to it,  I want my group to amount to something in the eyes of the world, not many people seem to understand the full importance of my group.  These two forms of narcissism are common to us all, in truth all countries are made up of people who have flaws and faults, no group is better than another and all countries have both achieved greatness and shame in equal measure like most people tend to do.

Yet this splitting off into narcissistic idealized groups is what most political systems work on, where blindness to faults within one’s own group prevents the creation of a realistic assessment of ideas, actions and effects to the detriment of the population as a whole.  The Mayan ball game frequently associated with human sacrifice was also used to settle political debate with the winner having the right to rule, in many ways modern politics is no different in that people pick a team and play to rule.  We cheer on our side from the sideline often without questioning their right to our loyalty or the tactics they are employing to win the game.  Yet if we start to look at our our behaviour, it is often narcissistic unquestioning belief that our side is morally superior, that they are like us the pure ones fighting world evil. We are often unable to see how our own self interest and national self interest often motivate our beliefs and the stories we tell ourselves are heroic ones which as with all narcissistic tales sets us in the central role.

The same is true of our religious beliefs whether we are atheists, Buddhists, Catholic, Presbyterian, Humanist, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim our group and our beliefs are naturally the ‘right’ ones everybody else is wrong in their beliefs.  Especially when those beliefs are traditional and have been held down through the generations we find it difficult to separate who we are as a community from our social, political and economic beliefs which are ‘naturally’ the right ones.  Intellectual narcissism is one strand of this aspect where ‘intellectuals’ presuppose their own intellectual superiority, this belief that as ‘intellectuals’ they are naturally capable of superior thought means they lack the rational capacity to hold their own beliefs and thoughts up to the same scrutiny as they would others. Our national intellectuals are obviously superior to foreign intellectuals when they tell us an opposing opinion they are naturally right for they are ‘Our’ intellectuals. If ‘our’ historians say the War was your fault they are right for it most definitely was not us who started it, if ‘our’ economists say the financial situation is your fault they are right for we most definitely are not responsible.

This is important thing to remember for in reality ‘History’ has little to do with facts but the collective narcissistic story we have told ourselves about who we are and where we come from. Yet this narcissistic story has great meaning in all our lives, understanding our own narcissism as part of who we think we are and seeing beyond it to the realities of who we really are, the good and bad in our ‘history’, our achievements, failures and dreams for the future.


Posted March 10, 2015 by neptune's Aura Astrology in Last Kiss from Neptune

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