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In the Age of Taurus Inanna (Venus) took on lusty earthy Taurean qualities of hedonism, eroticism and empowerment, In the Age of Aries her power was usurped by Dumuzi and Mars – who stripped of her martial strength and lustful nature, in the age of Pisces she was relegated to the sexual fantasy – denied her true reality through religious guilt then embodied in pathological narcissism, In the Age of Aquarius she will be reborn as the revolutionary sexual being empowered to shock society with her demands.

Before this happens Neptune is in Pisces and sexual fantasies, guilt, denial and acceptance of our own hedonistic desires comes to the fore.  As we move forward we see in our fantasy images the true representations of what it is we have been desiring for so long. We see the narcissistic, erotic, dark, denied images of Inanna that we have been hiding away inside our imagination and dreams. We see the powerful Inanna within us all that is driven by desire for our own fulfilment, sexual expression and release.  This insight may surprise some for she has been hidden so long behind the veils of fantasy that her outline has become blurred, her sexuality smudged into an enchanting dream but behind the dream lies her raw power and it is awakening.

At the same time we will all be forced to deal with the runaway narcissism of modern society that has been fed under the title of spiritual. The Western culture is one of patriarchy and conquest as is the Eastern Culture, and these ideas and themes are passed on in the bible, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity and Pagan beliefs all contain elements of pathological narcissism from believing in being the chosen people, to being the elect or enlightened these narcissistic elements of religion were in the past held in check more by the common man who saw through the lie of conquest.  The lowest of the Hindu sects and the slaves of Buddhist Tibet knew the truth, as did the Christian feudal serfs, beliefs in which one is chosen, elect, transcended are the pathological narcissistic beliefs of those who seek to dominate and abuse.

Yet it is these beliefs that modern society has completely emerged itself in. This is even seen in atheism where narcissistic belief is also heightened to the point that many cannot distinguish between having real scientific knowledge and capacity and atheism as a belief.  Thus equating both to be the same, one merely claims by being an atheist to have greater scientific knowledge than those of other religions irrespective of education. This is sheer narcissistic fantasy and magical thinking at its worst.

Magical thinking and narcissism also feeds the narcissistic notion that one can be spiritual without religious – and that this is somehow superior to having a belief system.  Yet the very terminology used is religious often stripped of any depth of meaning into shallow pathologically narcissistic sound bites centred completely around the self and feeding ones own narcissism.  This too is the passing phase of Neptune’s waning power.

The narcissism of being spiritual is fed by the consumerist society today, the fantasy of consumerism is that our rubbish vanishes before our eyes, we flush the toilet and empty the bins and what we no longer wish to see disappears as if it was never there.  We are cut off and isolated from the results of our consumerist life style and its effects on others. Few people know how much plastic bottles they use in a year or how many plastic coffee cups they go through – the disappearance of our rubbish is in effect magical thinking on a massive scale. We are all still indulging in the same magical thinking that saw slaves as less than human – there solely to fulfil our whims and desires.

Whilst it might be important for children to embrace magical thinking as part of their development, the level of adult magical thinking is one unprecedented throughout history where rational thought has been decimated to the point of adult infantilization of entire populations around the globe. Sociologist Christopher Lasch, author of “The Culture of Narcissism” and “The Minimal Self”, argues that Narcissism is not only a clinical condition, but a cultural one as well. Lasch diagnosed American society as having  “pathological narcissism”. This pathology is not akin to everyday narcissism — a hedonistic egoism — but rather a very weak sense of self requiring constant external validation. For Lasch, “pathology represents a heightened version of normality.”

The hedonistic egotism of Inanna had been replaced by a pathological narcissism, as stated in the New York Times article by Lee Siegel the author of “Against the Machine: How the Web is Reshaping Culture and Commerce — And Why It Matters.” Lasch has never been more relevant to modern society, ” the narcissist, driven by repressed rage and self-hatred, escapes into a grandiose self-conception, using other people as instruments of gratification even while craving their love and approval. Lasch saw the echo of such qualities in “the fascination with fame and celebrity, the fear of competition, the inability to suspend disbelief, the shallowness and transitory quality of personal relations, the horror of death.” “The happy hooker,” Lasch wrote, ‘stands in place of Horatio Alger as the prototype of personal success.'”

Inanna was hedonistic and strong in concept but that strength came from her own accomplishments, although famous for her sexuality she was not merely a celebrity through having sex. Celebrity through sex is spiritual egotisms mirror image. Inanna was proud of her sexuality but it did not define who she was as a Goddess, she was a warrior who stood her ground and fought her battles. Today we are inundated by reality television, where those who have had sex with ‘celebrities’ become celebrities themselves or those ordinary mortals become celebrities whose sex lives and home made porn such as in the case of Paris Hilton further drives there celebrity status. It is a culture of narcissistic spirituality and celebrity porn. Where recording sex can make you an overnight celebrity – the hedonism of sex has been replaced by the pathological narcissism of seeking celebrity through sex. It is the celebration of pathological narcissism that the age will be remembered for.

‘The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde’ by Robert Louis Stephenson represents this era and something at the heart of Scottish literature the evil embodied in being elect, transcended, higher caste, spiritual, indigo child, Star seed, crystal spirit or simply pathologically narcissistic. It is Jekyll’s pathological narcissism that creates Mr Hyde, he cannot deal with the hedonistic, sadistic and selfish narcissism that is natural narcissism – he sees this natural narcissism as unfitting a man of his stature and morality. In his attempt to utterly destroy his natural narcissism he creates the monster of pathologic narcissism Mr Hyde.

It is a tale of a road many have taken the first sip of the serum of celebrity, spirituality creates the addictive monster of pathological narcissism, the more that serum is taken the larger this monster grows until there is only the monster left completely dependent on having their pathological narcissism indulged.

Holy Willie’s Prayer is a poem that was written about a certain Willie Fisher who was an elder in the Parish church of Mauchline, in Ayrshire. Fisher was a hypocrite and himself a sinner who spied on people and reported them to the minister if he thought they were doing wrong.

The poem is a satire based on Fisher’s sickly self-righteousness. The phrase “Holy Willie” have become part of the Scots language for describing someone that is humourless and ultra religious. –

It is this seeing the faults in others but not in ourselves, the belief that we have overcome our natural narcissism that feeds pathological narcissism. It is the belief that we can become better or are better than any other human that perpetuates the pathological narcissistic myth.

From Wikipaedia:

Zen at war has contributed to discussions on the meaning of “enlightenment”, and the role of Zen-teachers in the emerging western Zen-Buddhism. Bodhin Kholhede, dharma heir of Philip Kapleau, says:

Now that we’ve had the book on Yasutani Roshi opened for us, we are presented with a new koan. Like so many koans, it is painfully baffling: How could an enlightened Zen master have spouted such hatred and prejudice? The nub of this koan, I would suggest, is the word enlightened. If we see enlightenment as an all-or-nothing place of arrival that confers a permanent saintliness on us, then we’ll remain stymied by this koan. But in fact there are myriad levels of enlightenment, and all evidence suggests that, short of full enlightenment (and perhaps even with it—who knows?), deeper defilements and habit tendencies remain rooted in the mind.

It is not the word enlightenment that is the problem but the belief in it, and the belief in any human being greater than another that creates hatred, prejudice and genocide – the fruits of pathological narcissism.

Pathological narcissism lies behind the claims that Christians are more spiritual than Muslims, Muslims are more spiritual than others, atheists are morally superior, that being spiritual and not religious is morally superior, that Hindus are morally superior and the most spiritual, that we can evolve from being mere humans. This pathological narcissism is the same one that Zen Buddhists used to defend the actions of Japan against China and Korea, it is the same narcissism that said Germans were morally superior to Jews. It is the same narcissism that said Vikings were superior to the humans they sold as slaves. It is a pathological narcissism that defines the worst in what it means to be human and it has become the dominant culture of today.

In Message to Uranus I claimed the Passion of Christ was a sadist act of release from guilt over our hedonism / sexuality – this is true it was the release of guilt from our natural narcissism for our natural narcissism has never been the problem. Christ accepted the natural narcissism in all he met from the prostitute to the inn keeper, what he did not accept was the unnatural pathological narcissism he met with.  He challenged the belief that Jewish morality was greater than Samarian morality in the parable of the Good Samaritan. He set what was believed to be the lowest in morality above the priests, the elect, the enlightened, the spiritual.  This message has been completely lost – the first shall come last and the last shall come first is a message against pathological narcissism.

It is our acceptance of our own greed, selfishness, hedonism and cruelty that protects us from pathological narcissism.  To see our own lack of worth and to accept and embrace it as a quality that unites us all as gloriously immoral and pathetic living organisms living the pretence of ever being something more, that is the freedom, the breaking of chains and the real overcoming of death. Death has no sting because all of us are unimportant and do not make a difference to the world, our existence does not matter and that frees us just to live our lives and to embrace the hedonistic pleasures and pains of life as a fleeting as our existence.

For there is nothing we can do to justify our existence it was always meaningless, no feat can justify it, whether we climb Mount Everest or trek to the North Pole our existence has no value, whether we write philosophical works like Kant, Hagel, Mills, Descartes our existence has no value – in accepting this we can do these things for pleasure because we want to do them, because something inside us drives us to do these things. What we can no longer do is live by the myth that these things will ever make us special, worthwhile or fulfilled – they never could.

In acceptance of this the need for fantasy is destroyed, for it is in fantasy that we seek fulfilment of our pathological narcissism.  The need to be special, desired above others, has fuelled the fantasy of the soul mate that blights relationships with its insistence on both being the only one – the hyper version of pathological narcissism there is no other that can fulfil your role as soul mate fate has made you that one special person on the planet.  When we are in a relationship and our starting point is that we are the one special person on the planet we are putting too much pressure on another human to maintain the pathological narcissism of modern society.  We can never be the one special person on the planet because none of us happen to be special.  We can only love each other in all our imperfections and un-special-ness.








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