2015 – Are You Awake Yet   Leave a comment

What the mind can perceive,

The heart Can achieve,

The soul shall receive –

The courage to believe,

The faith to even care,

The hope to take us there,

Oh Saorise

Saorise (Freedom) – Eddie Reid


For the past few years we have been facing the Pluto Uranus square, the first of seven was on 24/6/12 and the last will occur next year. March the 17th is when the final exact square between Uranus and Pluto occurs.  During this time we have seen revolutionary movements erupt all over the planet, the violence of the Arab spring mirroring the violent awakening many have experienced, yet many more have had false awakenings and pseudo revolutionary uprisings. We are all guilty of following the Iraq Syndrome you join the march in protest and then just watch as we go to War but at least you showed the government, but the question is what have we been showing the government: that as long as you allow us a march in the street to appease our conscience you can carry on and do exactly whatever you like.

If you have been waiting for everybody to join the revolution to change the world then there is bad news; some don’t want to wake up, some enjoy the pseudo revolution and Uranus is not the planet of consensus, it is the Planet of violent awakening through the pain of castration and the anger of impotence. It is the electrical shock to the system and it is a painful awakening of anger and frustration at those who castrate humanity for their own ends. It does not seek consensus but justice, the return of its own potency only in its castration does it gain the anger and courage to take back its own power from the usurper.

Taking back this power is not enough we must find a way of using it, directing it towards the changes that are desperately needed and before the final exact square of Pluto and Uranus we have Venus conjunct Uranus trine Jupiter.  This situation has two ways of playing out we must either open our minds to totally original ideas and different ways of perceiving our situation, or we go once again through the Iraqi syndrome of revolution for the sake of appeasing our conscience and achieving nothing – this is our last chance for real change but it will not be easy for we must swap the protest feel good factor for the difficult – think the impossible and dare to believe it uncertainty factor that comes with real change.  However Venus and Jupiter will give us the courage to believe, the faith to even care and the hope to take there.  Most importantly you will have earned the right to wear your heart on your sleeve and to show that you can still believe.


Posted December 27, 2014 by neptune's Aura Astrology in musings

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