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Sedna represents fear: the fear of to little food, of abandoning one’s child, of forcefully violently abandoning someone you love through necessity, of being abandoned, of global warming, GM crops, capitalism run amok, totalitarianism, child abuse, war, terrorism, – Sedna represents our fears as a society and an individual but it also represents our responses to those fears.

The mythology of Sedna encompasses the worst fears of a society living on the edge of existence where hunger and starvation were realities faced often, living with real fear that can happen at any point necessitated Sedna in her role as representing the worst that could happen being soothed and placated.  If there is no Sedna to placate then nothing is possible for only in placation of Sedna are we capable of achieving anything.  She is the monster lying in wait under the bed that stops us getting up during the night and the stranger that passes to close to us at night in the dark.  She is the scapegoat of society, single parents, disabled, illegal immigrants, Islamic fundamentalists, whatever you fear is destroying society, Democrats, republicans, Fundamentalist Christians, we all have our own Sedna and whether we placate her through appeasement or vilification, violence and war  understanding her is important.  Sedna represents our fears thus she represents ourselves as well our ideas of what we fear, these give Sedna life, we colour her in the image of our nightmares.  We also project our nightmarish creation on to others and demonize them.

Sedna at heart represents our own fears and what we do with those fears, how we respond to them and face them or how we project them onto a convenient scapegoat, Sedna in aspect to the planets in the chart make us face our inner demons and address the issues we have with our own fears.


Posted December 7, 2014 by neptune's Aura Astrology in asteroids

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