Asteroid Gaea Becoming a Human Being having a human experience   Leave a comment

Imagine simply becoming a human being having a human experience of life, imagine simply believing without knowing, imagine people were neither religious or spiritual but just human beings having a very human experience of life, imagine what that would mean. Imagine if we just believed without assuming we knew the truth and the other was wrong, if inside we kept a little uncertainty about who we are and the reason behind it all, imagine a world where it could be possible that nobody is right or superior and that everybody is just as good or as bad as each other.

Imagine a world where you just get to be human once more and it is fine, nobody is asking you to transcend anything, to become anything you are appreciated as being a human being having a very human experience of existence.  If this sounds good then it is time to get back in touch with your oh so human side, and asteroid Gaea can help you do just that.. Gaea represents the greatness within us called humanity the long forgotten source of our finest achievements, through humanity we have overcome many obstacles in the past, forgiven the unforgivable and achieved the unachievable. Where Gaea lies in your chart she accesses your human potential and reminds you that like humanity that potential is great when it stays human it can mould worlds and understand tears of laughter from tears of sorrow it can see the potential in humanity as a human beings having a human experience and making the best of all the madness and chaos that comes from the wonder of life.

©neptunes aura astrology


Posted December 7, 2014 by neptune's Aura Astrology in musings

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