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Mutable Signs also called dual signs are, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. What all mutable signs understand is the when one thing is created its opposite also comes into creation: fascism – communism, darkness – light, illusion – disillusion, plenty – hunger. Every idea has its opposite and every belief has an opposing belief, Something that both Gemini and Sagittarius understand well, the more extreme the belief the more extreme the opposing belief. Most people would think these opposites would cancel each other out, they actually create something completely new; at the moment of birth we also begin the process of dying these two opposites do not cancel each other out but create the state of being in which we all live knowing we are also in the process of dying and the friction involved in the process of being drives us to grow and develop as we fight, comprehend and accept our dual nature. This is what mutual signs represent:

Gemini, the understanding gained from opposing ideas, argument, debate in which something new is created, playing Devil’s advocate, sees the contradictory character of things, that is, that any determination is conditioned by its opposite, or that any proposition is in conflict with equally compelling, opposing propositions. An example of this is the fact that we know longer exist after death is mirrored by the fact that we did not exist before birth, yet at the anniversary of birth we do not mourn the period the individual did not exist but celebrate the time they have existed and the emotional impact this has had on our life, more commonly now we transfer this idea to the anniversaries of loss and celebrate the time these individuals have lived and contributed to our emotional richness. Gemini represents the opposition of abstract ideas and what that opposition has the potential to create in regards of new ways of viewing the world around us.

Virgo, the understanding gained from opposing data, statistics and evidence. When data is collected there are value judgements made, what to research, how to research it, and what to measure are all influenced by our beliefs, experiences and desires. When we interpret this data that too is influenced by our beliefs, experiences and desires. For example studies that show, drinking coffee makes you more likely to develop some cancers, drinking coffee will make you less likely to develop some cancers. We are often simultaneously told something is bad /good health-wise, and given opposing data to back it up. What Virgo makes us do is realise that nobody consumes just coffee, that people and events are much more complex than statistics imply. Virgo represents the ability to draw general conclusions from opposing data and statistics whilst recognising that all events, situations and people are unique, it recognises that two opposing views may both have some validity and it seeks to incorporate what is helpful within those views whilst recognising they both contain flaws. Virgo represents the opposition of practical ideas and information and the potential in finding solutions through adopting the best from both.


My pupils I have always taught
You cannot get an “is” from “ought”.
This is the burden of my song:
“It’s in my book, or else it’s wrong.”

It is not easier, but more difficult, to decide to accept a very general command like “Never tell lies” than it is to decide not to tell this particular lie … If we cannot decide even whether to tell this lie, we cannot, a fortiori, decide whether to tell lies in innumerable circumstances whose details are totally unknown to us. Sagittarius deals with opposing moral judgements we might claim it is wrong to lie but consider the following circumstance an axe wielding maniac ask if you know where ‘b’ is your honest answer will result in ‘b’ being attacked perhaps killed and a lie will possibly save his life. Sagittarius represents understanding this duality in all moral generalisations because we live in the world as it is and not as it ought to be, there is no simplistic answer to all situations.  Sagittarius thus deals with opposing moral instincts, in understanding that there are no easy solutions to our moral choices we gain an understanding for the choices of others and an understanding of why judging their choices and actions are flawed when we do not except that each moral decision is based on a unique set of circumstances to which we are not always fully aware.

Pisces, a lot of times disillusionment is seen in poems about growing up and maturing, giving up your childish naivety and belief that the world is entirely wonderful so that you can become an adult and functioning member of society. All of us need to do this but at the same time we all need to retain some belief in dreams.  Some irrational beliefs (Santa Claus?) are passed on to us. But others we find on our own. Survival requires recognizing patterns—night follows day, berries that color will make you ill. And because missing the obvious often hurts more than seeing the imaginary, our skills at inferring connections are overtuned. No one told Wade Boggs that eating chicken before every single game would help his batting average; he decided that on his own, and no one can argue with his success. We look for patterns because we hate surprises and because we love being in control. Magical-thinking can be plotted on a spectrum, with skeptics at one end and schizophrenics at the other. People who endorse magical ideation, ranging from the innocuous (occasional fear of stepping on sidewalk cracks) to the outlandish (TV broadcasters know when you’re watching), are more likely to have psychosis or develop it later in their lives.  “To be totally ‘unmagical’ is very unhealthy,” says Peter Brugger, head of neuropsychology at University Hospital Zurich. He has data, for example, strongly linking lack of magical ideation to anhedonia, the inability to experience pleasure. “Students who are ‘not magical’ don’t typically enjoy going to parties and so on,” he says. Pisces represents this opposition of illusion and disillusionment, magic world vs the real world and the understanding of the importance of both in our life and the balance that can inspire us to achieve great things.

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