Why Mercury is the most Spiritual Planet   Leave a comment

I think therefore I am – Descartes

I think, Is the only thing I am certain about whether the material world exists in some form of reality or not the only thing I know is my ideas of the world and people is created by my mind.  This is ruled by Mercury, my mind the creator of worlds. The only thing we can know for a certainty is we think, whether this world is purely a creation of my mind or there is some type of reality interpretated by my mind is unknown and probably unknowable. But the one central agreement of both views is the importance of my mind, either my mind has created everything or my mind has created ideas about a material world and has constructed an interpretation of these ideas and thoughts so vivid I for the main part view them as reality.

My mind may be the only thing in existence, I cannot know for I cannot go beyond the ideas and thoughts of my mind. I cannot go beyond them because it is not my eyes that see, my hands that feel or my tongue that tastes it is my mind that creates an idea of these thing and the sensation of feeling, tasting and seeing. My mind is the creator of everything and it has no beginning or end it exists as an infinite form of ideas and thoughts.

It is my mind that has created ideas of sacredness, of divine, of being and it is my mind that can be argued to exist out with the material world and it is because my mind is capable of existence outside of the material world that I -my mind can be said to be spiritual without material form.  My mind is a spiritual being which may have created the appearance of a material world or which may be interacting with a material world but my mind is not material in nature it is spiritual. My mind is the spiritual creator of the universe in which I have the idea I live in, my mind is the creator of the dream in which I am typing this at this moment of time, my mind is the creator of concepts such as time.

Thus Mercury is also ruler of the spiritual infinite nature of me, of the dream.  Mercury is the creator of all my worlds the material and the spiritual and each evolve with every new idea and thought I have on them.

Mercury in my natal chart thus takes on a strong significance as it represents the infinite possibilities of my ideas to create / recreate both the material and spiritual world. The sign and house it is in as well as aspects will show how I tend to create ideas how I deal with conflicting ideas and how these ideas evolve throughout the dream.


Posted November 26, 2014 by neptune's Aura Astrology in planets astrology

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