Mercury in relation to the Sun, Moon, Uranus, Neptune & Pluto in the natal chart   Leave a comment

Mercury our mind is the creator of the universe in which we live; the sense of self, being a person with a material body interacting with the material world is defined by the sun in the natal chart it is the creation of the mind’s ideas of who we are as physical beings interacting with a material world. The sun represents our idea of ourselves as having likes, such as ice cream or olives, our idea of ourselves as being friendly, outgoing, reserved, shy, cautious it is the mind’s creation of how we interact with the material world and it is an important part of our sense of self. The mind’s ideas of pre-existence or having a history and a past is represented by the moon, the idea of ancestors, of the inheritance of the land of connection to others and the Earth.  The moon represents the ideas of family, love, nurturing, community, home, mother Earth, belonging and being part of something greater than the self.  The mind’s idea of the spiritual non material self is represented by Pluto, it is the idea of the soul, of the spiritual responses to the ideas we have created of the material world ;our ideas of grief, death, birth, love, sickness, pain, happiness experienced through our idea of our spiritual self.  These three planets form an important blend of ideas about who we are.

These ideas are constantly evolving and changing and through Neptune and Uranus we have representation of the minds constant recreation of ideas, Neptune represents the creation of new ideas on reality, how these ideas will evolve and develop over time, our ideas of the material and spiritual and how they may be interconnected and the different possibilities of both.  Uranus represents our constantly evolving ideas of the self as a material being with talents and skills, likes and dislikes; as a spiritual entity in a material world and as part of family and belonging to an entity bigger than the self.

Together they give us a sense of being and of growth as the ideas of the mind develop and grow but in truth our sense of self excludes the fact that all aspects of existence are products of the mind and indeed our true soul is the creator of all these ideas, Mercury.  Our real soul expands beyond what we consider as our sense of self and it is represented by our ideas of what the world and others are these ideas about the world are the reflections of our soul and they are infinite in scope and possibility.

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Posted November 26, 2014 by neptune's Aura Astrology in musings

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