North Node in 9th House, Sagittarius and / or in aspect to Jupiter   Leave a comment

Here there is a tendency for expected consequences never to live up to expectations, this is due to larger than life expectations at times so even when they are successful it may not feel like a success at the time and it is important to view just how much you have accomplished with this aspect.  With unexpected consequences the opposite is true any unexpected positive result no matter how small is likely to give a huge boost to morale and encourage you to persevere.  With the expansive energy of Jupiter when you see the consequences of actions positively the energy increase can be huge and if you are enthusiastic about results you are almost unstoppable however if the consequences are less immediate then the enthusiasm can quickly vanish and it is hard to persevere with any action and decision where the consequences may not be felt for some time.

Luckily it often does not take much to uplift this aspect of your personality and an unexpected compliment is often all it takes to boost your moral.  With positive consequences you may however be encouraged to use this feedback to expand your decisions and actions in all directions as you see a vast number of ways in which the consequences are connected to different courses of action and you may decide to try all of them which can use up your energy pretty quickly.  This also stops you focusing your decisions and actions to one area which may be better in the long-term for success.

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Posted November 19, 2014 by neptune's Aura Astrology in North Node

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