North Node in 8th House, Scorpio and / or in aspect to Pluto   Leave a comment

There is a strong emotional investment made in the decisions you make and you are very sensitive to criticism as a result of the emotional investment you have made, as it can feel very much like a personal attack on yourself.  That said it makes you wary of getting feedback from others at times and you may shun the lime light when it comes to receiving positive public accolades as the consequences of your actions just as much as you struggle to deal with negative feedback.  Because you invest a huge amount of emotional energy into the decision-making process it is important to you that your actions live up to your highest ideals and you may be very disheartened if your actions have unintentional consequences that impact others negatively and you are likely to have intense feelings of guilt when they do.  It is difficult for you to let go of the guilt over consequences of actions and they tend to haunt your decision-making process afterwards, and can cause you at times to lose trust in your ability to make good decisions.

Because your decision-making process is strongly affected by strong emotional drives you are vulnerable to emotional manipulation in this area and guilt can drive the decision-making process.  It may only be when the consequences of actions become apparent that you may realise that you have been manipulated by others who are less scrupulous and this is a lesson that may take you quite a while to learn, however once you do you will be very sensitive to manipulative behaviour and pick it up quicker than most.

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Posted November 19, 2014 by neptune's Aura Astrology in North Node

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