North Node in 7th House, Libra and / or in Aspect to Venus   Leave a comment

There is a tendency to view the consequences of actions from many different perspectives and you may be more likely to put the perspectives of others on a par with your own.  Although it is good to get the different perspectives as they may shed light on areas that you may have overlooked it makes drawing your own conclusions more difficult at times and as you incorporate the views of others back into your own decision-making process you may lose sight of your own goals at times.  However your ability to incorporate these different perspectives into the process means your thought processes are constantly evolving and because you place value on expert opinion as well as direct material consequences you are likely to end up having a very fair and even-handed thought process as a result, which naturally rejects personal biases.

With this aspect it is important to give as much emphasis to your own emotional responses to consequences as the opinions of others and to accept those feelings are equally valid response.  With time you will be able to develop the confidence to accept that your own opinions on the consequences of events are just as valid as everybody else’s and have the confidence to disregard the opinions of others when they go against your own personal views on your experiences.

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Posted November 19, 2014 by neptune's Aura Astrology in North Node

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