North Node in 6th House, Virgo and / or in Aspect to Mercury   Leave a comment

There is a tendency to judge consequences of actions from a critical perspective picking out what could have went better and what you could have done to prevent certain consequences.  In the process of tearing consequences apart mentally there may be a tendency to lose sight of the overall effect and to be consumed with small details.  Whilst it is good to critically assess consequences of our actions there is a tendency to be overly harsh on yourself at times as none of us can ever predict the full consequences of actions or have full knowledge on which to base our decisions.  There is a need to be a little less critical and to focus on the positives of consequences as much as the negatives.  Having said that once your critical eye has assessed all the consequences you use this information to drive your thought processes towards creating a better outcome for everybody and you are very aware of consequences in terms of real help they provide to others.

It is important not to let negativity creep in when you assess the consequences of your decisions as this can blind you to the positive contribution you are making at times and sap your energy.  If you feel down at heart then take time to go over all the positive contributions you have made and you will see there is much to be proud of.  It is important that you understand that applying your critical eye to the consequences of others actions is not something that may go well unless asked for and even then it is important to understand that criticism must be balanced or you may just dishearten others.

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Posted November 19, 2014 by neptune's Aura Astrology in North Node

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