North Node in 5th House, Leo and / or in Aspect to the Sun   Leave a comment

There is a tendency here to equate the consequences of your actions with how you feel about yourself, when you are feeling good the tendency is to see the positive consequences and to turn a blind eye to some of the negative ones, however when your mood is low the opposite is true.  There is an ability to use the consequences of past actions creatively by applying what is learnt to new ideas and to expand your understanding of how people are likely to respond to certain actions and events you are naturally adept at picking up others responses to your actions and soon learn what will get the effects you desire from others.  This makes you good at predicting the consequences of your actions in regards to how others may perceive them positively but it is important that you have a positive view of the consequences of your actions in the long term as it is your opinion of yourself that is most important.

You are naturally able to turn small negative consequences around with a deft timely intervention or two but struggle with larger consequences at times when your natural positivity escapes you and it is important for you to learn to see even the smallest of positives when hit with sudden unexpected negative consequences because through the negative consequences we learn many things that inform our decision making process later on in life.  Yes it is hard when the consequences of our actions are different to our intended aims but this is something we all experience and it is not a reflection on your personal worth and value.

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Posted November 19, 2014 by neptune's Aura Astrology in North Node

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