North Node in 12th house, Pisces and / or in aspect to Neptune   Leave a comment

Here there may be difficulty in viewing consequences of actions realistically and there may be a likelihood that small set backs are viewed as failures that dishearten the individual, there may also be difficulty in accepting that we seldom get the ideal consequences from our actions and that we have to accept the best realistic consequences as achievements and not failures.  There may be a strong tendency to judge consequences of actions to unrealistic expectations we have of ourselves and accepting a more realistic expectation of ourselves will ease the feelings of disappointment that can deter us from continuing after a minor set back.

There may also be a tendency to imagine the consequences are far worse than they are, when we make a poor decision and to try to bury our head in the sand, when we need to deal with consequences pro-actively to minimise any negative repercussions. Ignoring problems magnifies them in reality and in our minds and learning that a bad decision is not the end of the world and can be rectified by action is an important learning experience.

Once it becomes easier to deal with negative consequences rather than ignore them it also becomes easier to draw lessons from what went wrong and why in order to use the experience pro-actively in future decisions.  The same is true of positive consequences if they are appreciated for a good result we can take all the positives and relate them back to what went right for future decisions instead of giving up because they failed to meet an impossibly high standard.

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Posted November 18, 2014 by neptune's Aura Astrology in North Node

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