North Node in 10th house, Capricorn and / or in aspect to Saturn   Leave a comment

Here the individual is very aware of the importance of the consequences of their actions and may have a strong sense of duty towards others.  They may naturally shoulder a lot of responsibility and feel the weight of these responsibilities bearing down on the consequences of their actions.  They may view the consequences of actions through the effects it has on others and their duty to them.  They may also appear inflexible at times due to their strong conviction that the consequences of their actions dictate their choices as they may have a duty to put the needs of others first especially if they have others dependent on them.  There is the capacity to put the consequences to others of their actions, before the consequences to themselves however they may do this when it is not necessary and they may deprive others from understanding the full consequence of their actions by assuming a duty to them and protecting them from the full impact of their decisions.  They may also have the urge to try to impose consequences on others for their actions when it is unnecessary or unfair to do so.

Having a strong sense of duty these individuals assess the impact of their decisions on the effect it has on loved ones, and take into consideration the realities of the situation and what was realistically achievable in the circumstances when assessing how effective the consequences are in the achievement of goals and they are prepared to accept small reasonable positive outcomes as consequences knowing that they can amass to a much greater effect than grand gestures often do.

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Posted November 18, 2014 by neptune's Aura Astrology in North Node

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