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Neptune here is all about how we think of our partner and it is likely that there is a lot of projection of ideals onto the partner within the relationship.  The partner themselves may struggle to know themselves as Neptune is the planet of illusion and disillusionment there is a risk that the partner may be rejected when they fail to live up to the high ideals projected onto them and show their mere human side.  The partner may have issues in knowing who they are and may struggle with esteem either having extremely high self-esteem or extremely low. In either case having somebody else idealise them may make attract them but it is vital for a long-term relationship to get past this stage and to develop realistic expectations of the partner as they must also develop realistic expectations of themselves.

Neptune in Libra in 1st house

Here there are issues in the relationship which evolve from perceived image of the partner which makes getting to know the real them complicated as the idealised vision of them may be preferred to the reality.  But in order for the relationship to develop and progress it is vital that they lower their ideals and begin to accept the reality of the person for it is deeply unfair on them to pin unrealistic expectations on them that they can not but fail to live up to.  Once over the initial disappointment that comes when our bubbles are burst there may be great strengths and characteristics that were missed before underneath all the projections and the partner may prove to be just as admiral but in a realistic more human fashion than before.

Neptune in Scorpio in 1st house

Here there may be issues about projecting images onto the partner in order to resolve past issues, as such the partner may be used as a tool to prove that the individual is worthy of love or can be loved, issues with others may be projected onto them and they may have to prove continuously their trustworthiness.  It is important to remember that your partner is not responsible for proving your worth or the behaviours of others  and in order for the relationship to progress you must deal with these issues and stop projecting them into your present relationship for both of your sakes.  This may be a hard thing for you to attempt but the relationship you have the potential of creating by doing so may make it well worth your while.

Neptune in Sagittarius in 1st house

Here there may be issues around projecting beliefs onto the partner in which they take on a larger than life heroic persona.  There is a need to understand that these ideals belong to you and represent what you have the potential to be, that in developing your own potential you will feel less of a need to project these ideals onto your partner and will feel much more self-confident and fulfilled as a result.  With this aspect you may have had difficulty in expressing this side of your personality as it may have been deemed inappropriate for various reasons including gender.

Neptune in Capricorn in 1st house

Here there may be a desire to project characteristics associated with success onto your partner especially if you have struggled trying to find your own path in life you may wish to fulfil certain ambitions through your partner however they may have very different ideas and it is important to realise these are your own ambitions and ones which you are capable of fulfilling on your own.   By setting yourself some goals towards some of these ambitions you will feel the need to project them onto your partner decrease and as your confidence grows you will find it much easier to express your own ambitions and dreams.

Neptune in Aquarius in 1st house

Here there may be a desire to project onto your partner areas of your own personality that you struggle to identify with or recognise within yourself, this is especially true of perceived faults and flaws that tend to annoy you greatly. It is important to ask yourself why these characteristics annoy you so much and what is so bad about them, perhaps as a child you were made to feel guilty about certain aspects of your personality but in accepting all characteristics have both positive and negative points you move towards accepting yourself as a whole person with faults and flaws.

Neptune in Pisces in 1st

Here there is a likelihood that you are very much a dreamer with a rich fantasy life however projecting these fantasies onto your partner will make them struggle to understand both you and the relationship instead of projecting your fantasies onto them it would be much better if you could open up that rich world to them and let them participate in your fantasies and give their input it may just create a richer more fulfilling dimension to them than you could have ever imagined on your own.

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