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Orcus in a plutonian dwarf planet.  The Romans sometimes conflated Orcus with other gods such as Pluto, Hades, and Dis Pater, god of the land of the dead. The name “Orcus” seems to have been given to his evil and punishing side, as the god who tormented evildoers in the afterlife. Like the name Hades (or the Norse Hel, for that matter), “Orcus” could also mean the land of the dead.  From Orcus’ association with death and the underworld, his name came to be used for demons and other underworld monsters, particularly in Italian where orco refers to a kind of monster found in fairy-tales that feeds on human flesh. The French word ogre and the Italian orco are exactly the same sort of creature.  Tolkien wrote, “Orc I derived from Anglo-Saxon, a word meaning demon, usually supposed to be derived from the Latin Orcus—Hell. But I doubt this, though the matter is too involved to set out here.”

We can see that asteroid Orcus represents our own demons as well as society’s.  At present (2014) it is in Virgo where the demons of Monsanto, GM crops and tainted food haunt us regularly in the media. In the 60’s and 70’s it was in Cancer at a period where there were many changes to the traditional family, divorce and single parents which before had been unacceptable was beginning to become more frequent and there were great fears about the family and family values being destroyed in the process. Campaigns against television By Mary Whitehouse in the UK known for her strong opposition to social liberalism and the mainstream British media, both of which she accused of encouraging a more permissive society.  Whitehouse’s campaigns continue to divide opinion. Her critics have accused her of being a highly censorious figure, and her traditional moral convictions brought her into direct conflict with supporters of the sexual revolution, feminists and gay rights campaigners. Others see her more positively and believe she was attempting to halt a decline in what they perceived as Britain’s moral standards. According to Ben Thompson, the editor of an anthology of Whitehouse-related letters, in 2012: “From Mumsnet to … feminist anti-pornography campaigns [and] the executive naming and shaming strategies of UK Uncut, her ideological and tactical influence has been discernible in all sorts of unexpected places in recent years.”

In the 80′ and 90’s Orcus was in Leo at the time of the Thatcher generation, her philosophy that greed is good and there is no such thing as society, lead to a society that knows the price of everything and the value of nothing, Dodgy Bankers above the law and the belief that a person’s worth is valued on what they own.

Orcus in the natal chart is similar to Pluto, the House it is in will reflect how these issues have affected the individual and aspects to the planets will do the same. Any planets in aspect to Orcus will generally have the same effect as being in aspect to Pluto in the issues involved and as such the interpretations for Pluto may be used to gain more understanding of this asteroid in the chart.

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Posted November 18, 2014 by neptune's Aura Astrology in Plutonians

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