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‘I think therefore I am’ – everybody is familiar with this quote but few realise its importance in a philosophical viewpoint.  I exist as thoughts and ideas, The only certainty is that I have a mind / soul, everything I experience is thoughts and ideas, the world and people exist as ideas within my head.  I cannot tell for certain whether any of it exists outside of my head. – Idealistic philosophy originally called spiritualist philosophy.

Spiritualist philosophers can be split into two groups the first believed that the mind/soul was the only thing in existence, the second believed there was no way of knowing whether everything existed in the mind or there was actually a material world they were called the skeptics. Socrates was a skeptic and is famous for saying the only thing he knew was that he knew nothing. Skeptic comes from the greek word to enquire and that is all we can do we can never know for a certainty whether anything is real.  The Skeptical view-point is that we cannot know and thus have to treat the idea we have of the material world as if it was a real thing since we are unable to discern reality.

idealistic philosophy accepts the view that everything occurs in our minds and that there may be no such thing as existence at all and it is impossible to know if we can ever know anything. To the idealistic everything exists in the mind so ideas of coming to the earth to learn are nonsensical because there is no earth to come to. For the Skeptic the idea of learning anything when it is impossible to know if we can ever know anything is one fraught with tensions.

This is an ancient form of philosophical thought acknowledged by philosophers from Plato to Nietzsche, and although originally called spiritualist philosophy – when people used spirituality to incorporate mystical views of the ‘material world’ the meaning was corrupted as spiritualists cannot be materialists and so it became known as idealistic philosophy.

But its many philosophers affected society through the ages and the thoughts were assumed in astrology.

The Sun as the idea of our ego, the moon as the idea of our emotions, venus as the idea of our desires and need for affection etc

The water sign represents the spiritualist ideas of existance as a soul or mind, the earth signs the materialist idea of the existance of earth and our physical bodies, air signs represents our ability to communicate these ideas and to deal with opposing ideas, whilst the fire signs symbolises the idea of the self.

We can understand the 12th house as representing being imprisoned in the creations of the mind unable to know if any of it is real and accepting that everything is merely a thought or idea our mind has created.

The 8th house is where we discover Plato’s allegory of the cave, the understanding that we are merely watching shadow puppets projected onto the wall.  The desire to believe in the authenticity of the puppet show against rising intuition that it is fake. The choice to cling to its familiarity to to accept that everything is unknown

the 4th represents our creation of the earth and family as ideas and ideals, and the emotional investment we put into them.

We can also see the 10th house as representing the idea that the world is material and as such we are all in it and interacting with it and this interaction has consequences for the earth, humanity and all life.

The 6th house as representing our own personal interaction with the material world or idea of the material world and the consequences of those interactions such as health, our affects on others, work etc

2nd house as representing the need to view the material world as real whether it is or not and to act in such ways as to protect and nurish the hypothetical material world of earth and our bodies

Understanding that materialism is not connected to selfishness or greed but to a belief in the material world is a vitally important concept that has been lost just as spiritualism is not connected to having divine knowledge, or special gifts. Indeed both materialists and spiritualists may believe or not believe in the divine, may or may not be considerate, caring and sensitive to others these terms do not attribute these qualities to either spiritualists or materialists.

The 11th house represents the understanding that we can only know the ideas and thoughts of our mind; whether everything exists solely in our mind, or their are other minds out there or their is a material world of some sort we experience everything through the mind as ideas / emotions of places and people. Thus in the 11th we understand that there may be other minds like our own out there but we are only sure of our own mind, with this knowledge we have to accept that with the possibility of other minds and physical bodies / Earth we have to assume some duties and responsibilities to these possibilities although we can only every be sure that our own individual mind exists. This creates a dynamic between the knowledge we exist as an individual mind and the possibility of other like minds that cannot be known to us.

The 7th house represents our balancing of all the different ideas and understanding that they all have validity, that if there are other minds / bodies in existence they may have their own sets of ideas that cannot be fully understood but are equally valid and that there may be an infinite way of minds creating ideas and each mind has a unique universe of ideas that it exists in. As such we can only know an idea of that mind or an idea of that body we have formed but we cannot know the reality of either and it is the creation of our idea of another in our mind that we communicate and not with an actual other. If another has an actual mind they too are communicating with the idea of us and so they to are communicating with the idea of their own mind. Since we are communicating with ideas within our mind we may be surprised when the other does not behave as our idea predicts or angry when they refuse to conform to the idea of our mind.  In the 7th we accept this situation as something we all have issues with and that everybody exists as our idea of them especially in romantic relationships.

The 3rd house represents our active participation in the mind’s creation of ideas, of interpreting ideas and of changing ideas to suit new purposes.

The 9th house is where our idea of the self is given moral values, it is also a representation of ourselves as God in Creation of the world in our mind. It is where the ideal of who we can be is created and this idea of our own perfection is often symbolised as God.

The 5th house is where we understand ourselves as being creators of ideas and where we celebrate the creativity of our mind and accept that we have created an idea of a world and that idea can be re-imagined and recreated in many ways.

The 1st house is where we understand ourselves as a participator of the dream, not the creator, and the intense desire to remain in it whether it exists in physical reality or the mind.  We create ideas to enable this continued participation and we will not easily give up our participation or life in most circumstances.

For the idealist there is no need for us to have chosen our birth for we were never born we created our ‘birth’ and our ‘birth chart’ as an idea.  Everything we experience are ideas and what we view as life is the exploration of ideas and thoughts, Nietzsche described it as living in the dream we do not want to leave.  Some films such as ‘The Matrix’ or ‘The Truman Show’ explores this belief but like most of the modern world our heroes escape the insecurity of the idealistic philosophy back into the reassuring safety of materialistic philosophy.

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