Pluto, Scorpio, 8th house and Depression   Leave a comment

Pluto, Scorpio and the 8th house are areas of the chart where we are highly sensitive to issues of control and power in our lives, the sad fact is that many areas of our lives are out with our control, we may lose loved ones or our job and home and this may activate our insecurities and issues with having limited power and control over the important facets of life.  Feelings of powerlessness and lack of control can spiral into depression pretty quickly as we lose hope in being able to change anything in life. We may have experienced a traumatic event in which we were powerless and at the mercy of nature or others whatever the situation our sense of personal power, control and autonomy has been severely dented and we are left feeling vulnerable, ineffective and dis-empowered by events. This shakes our perception of reality to the core and makes us question our own abilities and worth.

It is important to remember that none of us are in control of life and that we all are constantly in the process of reacting to life sometimes these reactions are less effective than at other times.  This does not mean that we never react in highly proactive ways that change our circumstances or that we are incapable of doing so it just means sometimes events overtake us all.  It means we don’t have full control but it does not mean we are ineffective,lacking in ability or personal power.  In these situations finding areas of personal control and power such as creativity, expression and reaction are always at our disposal can help us overcome a sense of inability and ineffectiveness.

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