8th, 9th, 11th and 12th houses Understanding our Beliefs, ethics and Spiritual needs   Leave a comment

The 8th house represents our response to emotional trauma.  When I was eight my Grandfather died and I was very angry at God for letting him die, the only way of hurting God is to stop believing in him/her. When I was 22 a very personal event happened and I prayed, I promised I would do anything if only this could be changed. Death can’t be changed but I felt superhuman as if I was being carried and again my belief changed once more. I had understood that some things cannot be changed and that is not what belief is for; belief is for getting us through those tragic situations that we cannot change, belief is about finding a way to go on. The 8th house gets down to the heart of what belief is and how it works in our lives, it is at times of intense emotional trauma that most lose or gain faith in the divine.  In the 8th house faith is about how we understand loss and grief, faith is about finding our own understanding of the purpose of life and it is deeply personal in experience and meaning. Whether we believe or are atheists the 8th house is all about whether those ideas help us cope with tragedy or not and if not they are instantly stripped of power when tragedy hits us. Faith in the 8th house is not based on the needs of the ego to feel special or divine but on the needs of the soul to understand; sorrow, loss and pain before moving on.

The 9th house represents our need to belong, understand the world around us and find meaning in life. Diwali, Christmas, Passover, Ramadan, Winter Solstice – we all have rituals in our lives a shared sense of community.  The 9th house represents culture in its broadest form which is the performance of ritual as part of a community to unite us, give us a sense of who we are and where we come from.  Sharing rituals and ways of looking at the world is meaningless if we cannot find ways of sharing values too and that is at the heart of the 9th house our cultural values, ethics and morals.  To live together we need a shared agreement on how we should behave towards each other and how we should treat each other.  This can be found in traditional religions but is also found in any group of people from Vegans to Environmentalists – when we group together we naturally form religious outlook of who we are, what we believe and what behaviour is appropriate for our group and those that break those codes are excluded.  New religions are thus formed virtually every day when we talk about traditional religions we are in fact talking about religions that have lasted as opposed to movements that related to a short period of time and people’s needs such as the eugenics movement. The eugenics movement which was very popular led to the Genocide of Millions, all religious beliefs have this propensity as they are all part of forming an us in which there is a them – the enemy of what we believe in. The 9th house represents the ego’s need to belong to a group, society’s need to have shared values and commitments to each other but in extreme the 9th house represents our capacity for hatred of the other.

11th house represents our ideals, what we imagine perfection to be, belief in God/s or Goddesses is shaped by these ideals we mould them to our ideal of what perfection is we take from parables and myths what fits our vision of perfection and to some extent we try to live up to these ideals through our behaviour accepting that as ideals we can never fully become what we aspire to. However in attempting to live up to our highest ideals we tend to make the world and society better but we can be intolerant of those with other ideals and use up this energy for change in fighting others with different views of the world around them.  At its best this energy can be used to benefit the lives of the poorest and most vulnerable in society and improve the chances and lives of everyone, at its worst we can be caught up in a continuous argument over which ideals are right or wrong this constant arguing over ideals is what drives people to join political groups where their ideals are the ones which are perceived as right and the other is thus wrong.  Somewhere there is often a middle ground between these opposing ideals and it is in the middle ground that most changes can occur for in the middle ground most of our ideals meet.  The 11th house represents our ideals and how we compromise these ideals to reach working solutions that include as many as possible.

12th house represents our need for personal divinity or personal relationship to the divine and it can be at a wholly ego level of needing to feel special, sacred or better than others or it can be about the need at times of emotional trauma to find an inner peace and space to deal with loss and sorrow. The 12th house represents the need for spiritual experiences in life we all have moments where we feel intense wonder and awe whether we believe in a God or not. These experiences give life purpose and make us review our purpose in life. These experiences are very powerful and they serve a purpose but there is an addictive quality in them that may make some seek spiritual high after spiritual high without understanding the purpose of spiritual experiences in their lives is its ability to help us deal with the unpleasant realities of life and not an escape root from life itself.  Spiritual practice is designed to help us cope in the real world and find solace and comfort when needed.  It is a medicine for those who are grieving, a crutch for those who for the moment have difficulty moving on but it is not a drug to be used to obliterate the unpleasant realities of life that confront us all.  The 12th house represents our need for spiritual meaning, it can also represent the need of the ego to feel special / divine or our desire to obliterate cruel realities through spiritual highs.

We all whether we have planets in these houses or not have a combination of these houses that make up our ethical, moral belief system but these can change and do change throughout life specially when we have experience deep trauma and loss.

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Posted November 11, 2014 by neptune's Aura Astrology in musings

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