Transit Jupiter in Leo and Narcissistic traits we all share   Leave a comment

We are all born egocentric – thinking we are at the centre of the universe, and to be honest this may be curtailed later in life but never leaves us because for survival we have to place ourselves at the centre of our own universe as nobody else will. As parents and carers however most adults are capable of putting the needs of the vulnerable above their own and this is essential too.  However if you have been putting the needs of others first to often this transit will remind you exactly why we need to be at the centre of our own universe. The opposite is also true if you have been putting yourself first you may be called on it during this transit.

We all fantasize of success, there is nothing wrong in fantasizing over success it is only when we prioritize our success in life over everything else that we are in trouble of underestimating other much worthier things such as self-respect, compassion and honesty.  However most of us put aside our fantasies of success aside for the realities of life and our responsibilities to others we sacrifice the dream for the reality and again there is nothing wrong in this for it is important to live in the real world but if we have been completely ignoring our fantasies instead of honestly looking at possibilities we may become extremely restless during this transit that said if we have been observed in our fantasies and leaving the responsibilities and duties to others we may very well be called out on it by those who are also covering for our irresponsibility.

We are all self-righteous at times, very few people would argue if they thought they were in the wrong.  However it is only when we fail to recognise our own self-righteous behaviour and see it only in others that there is a real issue. Believing we are right about something does not make us morally superior to another person, angry or frustrated yes; but none of us are morally superior to anybody else and we tread dangerous ground when we start to believe in any type of inferiority or superiority in humans.

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