Venus Square Jupiter and Mars conjunct Pluto transit   Leave a comment

Venus in Scorpio is all about how we deal with our greatest fears and usually they involve our need to feel in control; Venus Conjuncts Saturn afterwards and this is when those issues come to the fore.  Life is unpredictable and we have little control over the events that shape it, for most this is where our fears come from the realisation that the body under the sheet may be a loved one and there is little we can do about it.  As a society we have become dominated by our fears for our children, the planet, our souls and science.  We have been lead by fear inducing politicians to give away our rights and freedoms for the promised safety of ‘Big Brother’ governments. There is an opposite to fear and that is hope, Jupiter in Leo the belief that we are capable of changing the world of accomplishing a brighter future squares Venus in Scorpio fear of the unknown, the foreigner, stranger, the other this situation has been building up for some time. We have seen those with different religions, sexuality, political views as the others and we have demonised them and set ourselves against each other; whilst we are arguing amongst ourselves who is building that new world of tomorrow or focusing on creating a better society for all not the ‘Us’ this is the challenge of the square yes a degree of fear is necessary and rational but a degree of faith in human ability and in working together for the benefit of all is needed too.  Without hope we cannot overcome injustice we need to believe in the possibilities of making a difference, in the potential within us all to overcome challenges and difficulties to create something better for all our children.

Mars conjunct Pluto rejuvenates the Pluto Uranus square we have been experiencing and brings issues to a head. There has been selfish tendencies for a long time disguised as individuality, the individuality of Uranus has been masking the selfish tendencies of Aries ‘me first’ survival instinct. At the other end there has been little true freedom of choice offered through neoliberalism dominated by big business and Mars conjunct Pluto will see both these aspects come to the fore.  As the fight for control becomes more blatant and manipulation is more exposed there will be many who will be acutely aware of one side of this coin yet oblivious to the other side and the manipulations of their own beliefs and prejudices making this time one where there will be intense clashes with people of different beliefs, values and ideals, yet the potential for understanding and hope is still there if we can understand and recognise our own fears and biases.


Posted November 6, 2014 by neptune's Aura Astrology in Transits

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