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If you have read my posts on the ascendant you will notice that I start by saying it is observed best when we are vegging out in front of the tv with very familiar friends or family. This is partly due to the fact that our first house represents a very primal and basic part of our personality that we learn to hide as children. With Mars and the Ascendant the first house represents our Id, the part of our personality that develops first.  The id is driven by the pleasure principle, which strives for immediate gratification of all desires, wants, and needs. If these needs are not satisfied immediately, the result is a state anxiety or tension. For example, an increase in hunger or thirst should produce an immediate attempt to eat or drink. The id is very important early in life, because it ensures that an infant’s needs are met. If the infant is hungry or uncomfortable, he or she will cry until the demands of the id are met.  The id will not stand for a delay in gratification. For some urges, such as urination, this is easily satisfied. However, if the urge is not immediately discharged, the id will form a memory of the end of the motivation: the thirsty infant will form an image of the mother’s breast. This act of wish-fulfillment satisfies the id’s desire for the moment, though obviously it does not reduce the tension of the unfulfilled urge. To have your Pluto in your partner’s first house gives you deeper understanding of their motivations and desires, but the id is driven by its own needs and puts them first – this is true of all of us and it is necessary to understand that this selfish aspect is part of us all and not a character flaw of any one individual.

Pluto in Leo in 1st house

Here there is likely to be great understanding of how the partner’s ego is driven by the unconscious desires and need for instant gratification and especially attention.  There is a great likelihood that you are able to see through your partner’s behaviour to the heart of any matter and may well understand them better than they do themselves.  Be careful of respecting this ability as this is a very sensitive area and vulnerable in ways that may not be apparent at first.

Pluto in Virgo in 1st house

Here the partner may well help the individual deal with their own inner criticism of this part of their personality, and help them to ease up and accept that it is perfectly normal to have selfish desires and that nobody is born self sacrificing as they may feel guilty when they put their own needs first and may actively supress their own desires believing them to be completely selfish or deny their existance.  With this aspect you can help your partner come to terms with the whole of their personality.

Pluto in Libra in 1st house

Here the individual is likely torn between their own desires and the need to relate with others, we all have a selfish side but we also know that we cannot constantly put ourselves first without sacrificing our relationships with others, your partner most likely has difficulties with this balancing act and may put their desires last or suppress them completely in order to fulfil others expectations here there is a role in helping them put their own needs and wants first and in accepting it is ok to be selfish at times.

Pluto in Scorpio in 1st house

here the individual is likely to feel these desires and urges intensely and may find it difficult to control the urge for instant gratification at times.  With this aspect you have a greater understanding of this aspect of their nature and will be able to help them understand their intense desires as a natural part of who they are and a basic side to all of us as fallible and mortal human beings you may also help them gain more control of these desires and urges through understanding themselves better.

Pluto in Sagittarius in 1st house

here the individual is likely to feel guilty of the selfish aspect of their own personality and may not always understand why they have intense feelings of guilt, with this aspect you are able to help them to understand their own faults and frailties as part of the human condition that affects us all and to help them be more forgiving of their own faults and flaws.  You may also help them see that selfishness is a necessary requirement to some degree in order to survive in the world.

Pluto in Capricorn in 1st house

here the individual is probably very practical about achieving what they want in life and will tend to go after their heart’s desire with full dedication to achieving it.  With this aspect you are likely to help them focus this intense energy in more practical and focused ways on achieving fewer goals but more important ones than is brought about by instant gratification and you may help them become better able to withstand the urges they have and to use this energy as a focus for achieving greater goals in life.

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Posted November 3, 2014 by neptune's Aura Astrology in Pluto in Partners chart

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