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With the Uranus square Pluto the focus on the story of who we are and where our values lie comes into focus.  This story is what is called Nationalism and it is important to all of us, because the myth and the story we create for ourselves will be passed on to future generations.  It tells us the values that lie at the heart of our identity what is important and valued and what we should protect and keep sacred.  As a Scot I have read a few recent articles over the past couple of weeks addressing the theme of why Scottish Nationalism seems completely different from other forms of Nationalism and Scottish Nationalism has been labeled as civic nationalism – nationalism that is irrespective of ancestry but based on a sense of common identity and values of the people living in Scotland.  The truth is that civic nationalism is a part of every nation and it is passed down in the stories we tell our children, if this civic nationalism is being drowned out by a belief in ethnic , religious or moral superiority then it is up to the whole population to exam the stories and myths that are passed down and what they are telling future generations.

The stories we tell our children of who they are and where they are going, the values and the fight for equality, fairness and justice that never stops nor ever should, represents an aspect of Uranus in Aries because it is our individual duty to pass on the story and the mythology of the fight for freedom and equality.  It is our capacity to challenge the status quo through common held beliefs in justice and equality that marks all nations as great and no nation holds a stranglehold on that belief, faith and hope in a better brighter and fairer world for tomorrow.  Choose your heroes wisely examine your mythology carefully and see what inheritance you are leaving future generations. The story you tell them is the one they will take with them throughout their lives.

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Posted October 22, 2014 by neptune's Aura Astrology in Long term transits

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