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Each aspect in the natal chart has infinite possibilities as does each sign in the natal chart.  We tend to want to fit astrology into easy to understand definitions but there are infinite meanings to each sign of the Zodiac.  When we describe a sign we tend to stick to common well-known meanings but exploration of each sign shows there are infinite layers of meaning to be found.

Lets start with Aries, Aries represent the drive within us all to survive, sometimes this can be described as selfish but this is common to all living organisms they compete for resources and they have to out do their competitors if they want to live. That is a basic meaning of Aries but that energy or drive to survive has infinite possibilities within the natal chart, competition is one means of survival and adapting to extreme environments is another but does the meaning end there.  There are areas of the brain associated with primitive survival instincts such as the Amygdala which is associated with fear, aggression, social interaction and sexual orientation.  So Aries can also have an effect on the function of these areas, survival when resources are sparse is also linked to increased intelligence especially problem solving as a means of optimising the resources one has available this is important to understand because this skill is mainly represented by Virgo which is quincunx to Aries. reproducing offspring that survive to adulthood is also another aspect of the survival drive, Aries therefore represents sexual desire to reproduce which may include displays to attract partners but it also represents a desire to protect and nourish offspring to give them the best possible start in life.  These aspects of Aries take on some of the energies found in its opposite and squares, as well as the sextiles and trines.  Aries utilises all of these aspects where there are planets in those signs; aspects of their energy can be utilised by Aries when necessary.

However when Planet/s in Aries are in aspect to planets in other signs there is a tendency to utilise those energizes more often than others but that does not mean those other facets cannot be utilised to great effect. However when two planets are in aspect they can also utilise the energies of other signs and filter the functions of those signs through the planets involved.  Thus when we are looking at the natal chart it is important to understand that for each planet we can not only look into their sign and house but how that planet is likely to utilise the energies within the whole chart and this gives a richer and more vibrant understanding of the potential of that planet in each individual’s life.



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