Pluto in partner’s sixth house   1 comment

Pluto here draws on working together within the relationship for a common good.  There is also an interest in creating something far greater than either can create on their own by pulling talents and resources together as a couple.  There is an accent on working hard as a couple to bring about a sense of justice, equality and fairness to the community as a whole and both may be very dedicated to ideals of compassion and social justice.

Pluto in Virgo in 6th house

Here the ability to analyse think critically and to give of oneself is put to good use in creating a partnership where both individuals are committed to working together for a common good or goal in life.  Both will want to maximise their potential talents by working together and discussing the best solutions to issues by utilising their individual skills to come up with a strong united front that can take on any obstacle in life with vigour and compassion.

Pluto in Libra in 6th house

Here good communication and understanding of each other helps to create a partnership in which they may be seen as a united front working for the common good and there may be an emphasis on reaching out to others and sharing their common goals with them.  This may create a truly equal partnership where both individuals are in balance with each other and complement their talents well enabling them to succeed much more easily as a team than as individuals.

Pluto in Scorpio in 6th house

Here the emphasis is on deep desire to change the world around them both will have intensely passionate desire to work together to make lasting changes to their environment and communities.  There is a likelihood that both have seen first hand the unfairness that excludes the vulnerable and weakest members of society from fully participating and reaching their potential in life and together these individuals may want to change how we deal with the sick and vulnerable in society and how we give everybody an equal voice.

Pluto in Sagittarius in 6th house

here the emphasis is on working towards equality and justice, in creating a fair society where all have the same chance in life. both are very likely to be idealistic in their outlook on life and together they will want to work on making those ideals a reality in some form through their combined efforts.  These individuals may have a strong belief in access to higher education for all and in giving everybody an equal chance to see what they can achieve in life.

Pluto in Capricorn in 6th house

here there is a strong sense of creating abundance through the fruits of your own labour both will be very centred on the responsibility we all have towards our neighbour and these individuals will always be very practical in demonstrating this whether that is helping the elderly or forming civic organisations that meet the needs of the vulnerable within their own community they are likely to want to be involved together in creating a community that is strong, nurturing and considerate of each other.  They may also feel it is their duty to work hard and provide for any family they have.

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Posted September 26, 2014 by neptune's Aura Astrology in Pluto in Partners chart

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  1. This is the most I’ve seen for this aspect. It was such a surprise to how it even added the influence of the sign, I usually cant find touchef on it and for once I feel like I got a tangible answer. Thank you so much 😭😭

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