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Pluto in your partner’s 12th house, means working together as a couple to resolve past issues and develop the best in each other.  Pluto here sees an opportunity to understand better its own psychological issues and patterns through the relationship.  This is a sign that the relationship is one where both parties can develop and grow together by facing unresolved problems as a couple.

Pluto in 12th house, Leo

Together you may work on how your self-image and beliefs have shaped who you are, the challenge here is to have a more realistic view of who you are and what you can accomplish in life.  Your partner may inspire more self-confidence and help you overcome fears of looking foolish.  They may also encourage you to develop talents and gifts that you have overlooked.  This also works the other way round and you will also boost your partners self-confidence and encourage them.

Pluto in 12th house, Virgo

Together you may work on becoming less self-critical, accepting your imperfections and overcoming feelings of guilt. You may also work on ways that both of you can contribute to your community, by voluntary work and dedication to a particular cause.  You may also both develop a strong inner voice and your own distinct set of morals and ethics which you live by as a couple.  Both of you may also have to work on developing a more assertive side and together you may find the confidence to say no more often.

Pluto in 12th house, Libra

Together you may work on how your insecurities affect your relationships with others, both may work on how insecurity and power games are played out in the relationship and make the conscious effort to be more honest and fight the desire to use guilt or manipulation when they are insecure.  You mat also work on listening better to each other and being able to reach out honestly when feeling insecure or sad.  You may also work on having realistic expectations of each other and better communication.  You may also both encourage each other to take a more assertive stance and defend opinions more.

Pluto in 12th house, Scorpio

Together you may work on how your past traumas have contributed to who you are in both positive and negative ways in your life.  You may both work on opening up more and showing your vulnerabilities without fear. You may also work on understanding your own path in life both as an individual and as a couple, how your experiences as a couple are unique to both of you and what you can learn from each other. There is great opportunity to develop strong sense of connection to each other.

Pluto in 12th house, Sagittarius

Together you may work on finding your own unique paths in life, on staying true to your dreams and ethics.  As a couple you may learn how to develop trust within the relationship and open your mind to the different views and perspectives each of you have on the world around them.  There is a great opportunity to grow through acceptance of different view points and perspectives, to understand that all perspectives have value and are there is no right or wrong way to do anything.

Pluto in 12th house, Capricorn

Together you may work on creating a safe and secure environment from which both can grow and develop their potential within the relationship.  You may work on developing your own sense of interdependence within the relationship and learning to share responsibilities fairly and equally may be a theme.  There is also a possibility that becoming parents may be a major theme in the relationship and learning to take on this responsibility together in a long-term commitment.

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