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The moon and the Sun rule the 3rd chakra, this chakra is all about who we are and how we fit in to the giant puzzle of life on earth.  We are all unique individuals yet we are all part of the brotherhood of mankind.  A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.

Societies establish hierarchies. Wealthy or well-educated people usually acquire the highest positions.  Good moral citizens, the ordinary people, normally occupy the middle rungs on the social ladder. That leaves the bottom dwellers, those such as prostitutes, substance abusers, criminals, the homeless, and others. During Christ’s time, that list also included lepers and tax collectors.

Those on the bottom are often excluded and that can include the disabled and other minority groups. Jesus reached out to all the minority groups that existed in his time; poor, lepers, prostitutes, tax collectors, publicans, Samaritans.  He spend time with the ostracised and rebuked those at the top of society: Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You shut the door of the kingdom of heaven in people’s faces. You yourselves do not enter, nor will you let those enter who are trying to.  This is all about telling others they are not good enough to enter, that they are less than everybody else but the truth was these people had shut their hearts to others and so could not enter the kingdom of heaven which is pure eternal unconditonal love.

We were all meant to be a human family united by love and responsibility to each others welfare, none of us were ever meant to exclude others to demean and abuse them through power and privilege.  This is the message of the moon that we are all family and we are all equal.

Moon in aspect to the sun

Here the issue of how we are all talented and gifted as part of the human family so we can work together too create more than was ever possible on our own is highlighted, This aspect is all about using our own skills and talents as part of a community to benefit everybody, and the realisation that it takes the gifts and talents of everybody to make a community whole and vibrant.  Each of us is special and unique and those unique qualities mean we can combine an infinite amount of talent in a wide spectrum of humanity to make the impossible, possible.  Those with sun in aspect t the moon have a natural understanding of why we were all meant to work together, respect and value each other.

Moon in aspect to Mercury,

This combines the energy of the 3rd chakra and the 5th chakra, the 3rd chakra has two branches the Sun and the moon. Mercury in aspect to the moon is all about realising we are all Buddhas, Jesus or God.  This is about seeing the divine in each other and understanding we are all family and we are all connected to one another.  This aspect is about understanding we are all interconnected and that real wisdom comes from listening to others by sharing and understanding each other we grow wise.  as children we are often told stories about our ancestors and our history, the myths and stories we are given from whichever culture we belong to all contain wisdom.  They are the gifts of our ancestors, given freely to each of us and this is what we too pass on to the next generations, the myths and stories that inspire, teach and define us.

Moon in aspect to Venus,

Venus in aspect to the moon denotes working together as a community to better each others lives, what cannot be done by the individual is possible as part of a community and when this aspect is working best it improves the lives of everybody around them.  Working with everybody and involving the whole of a community means that nobody is left excluded they are all valued and Venus here grows the leaves of mutual respect and unconditional love for those that others would exclude and demean.  This aspect opens others up to creating an inclusive community where the gifts and talents of everybody benefit the whole.

Moon in aspect to Mars,

if this energy is properly used the individual is driven to create a strong sense of identity as part of a contributor to family and community and a valued member of both.  Mars here drives us to seek unity with others and form bonds and common goals, it is unlikely as an individual to be able to create and sustain a school yet as a community we do this along with hospitals and other amenities.  When local hospital services are threatened it is the shared anger of the community that often stops the action in its tracks.  Mars here is a powerful motivator for change when used appropriately.

Moon in aspect to Jupiter,

is all about developing faith in the bonds of family and our connection to the land and culture of our ancestors.  Through the third chakra we realise we are guardians of the land just as our ancestors were and we continue in their footsteps.  This energy helps us create branches that reach out to the world around us in faith that we are all interconnected and interdependent.  We have the opportunity of realising the possibilities of the human family working as one.  Here the Joy of being alive and sense of wonder develops a strong connection to nature and the wonders of the universe.

Moon in aspect to Saturn,

here the strength of the root and the trunk or our 1st and 2nd chakras are necessary to support the creative branches of the third chakra.  This may mean that branches may at times be cut off to strengthen the roots and indeed it may be necessary for the trunk to be coppiced to create a root that is strong and secure.  If coppicing has occurred the strength of the root will ensure the new trunk is stable and durable able to support many branches. Nelson Mandela had Saturn square his moon, his incarceration in solitude was a major coppicing event in his life being separated from friends and family for years is unimaginable to most of us.  Yet this event gave him the inner strength and stability needed after his release to make the positive changes necessary for the benefit of all in South Africa. Although he lost his family for many years he created a whole and united South African family where there was once fractures, segregation and pain.

Moon in aspect to Uranus,

denotes the opportunity to understand that we are all part of one family and interconnected to each other through the miracle of life.  The opportunity here is to develop unconditional love for others as part of understanding we are all brothers and sisters connected by the divine spirit of love that dwells in our soul.  The opportunity to reconnect with the wisdom and beliefs of our ancestors is also accentuated.  Here the understanding that we are individuals with our own thoughts, needs and personality develops into the understanding that we all need to be loved as part of our family, community and the human story.  There is an understanding that can be reached of the complex wisdom and love that encompasses all of humanity and is only ever equal to all of mankind’s individual components.  The merchant banker contains the same spiritual wisdom and love as the Guru, the homeless person contains the same worth and benefit to society as the doctor.

Moon in aspect to Neptune,

denotes learning to value the bonds of love that connect us to each other through the family, that understands the trauma of being excluded from that love, the pain and misery this causes and understanding the need for all to feel included loved and valued.  There is an opportunity to reach out to others to include them as part of our family and embrace their differences positively.  The moon provides an opportunity to understand who we are as part of a family, a culture and a living history.  We come from the land of our ancestors mother earth and we trace the same footsteps on the same journey through life as they once did.  We have the opportunity to connect with the past and the future as part of the dynamic aspect of life.  We travel the same journey as they once did and we learn from their experiences and stories and pass those on to future generations as they begin the journey through life.  When we have come to the journey’s end we have an opportunity to reconnect to those ancestors who walked before us and become one with them in the light of universal love.  Neptune here is bringing the energies of the 3rd chakra into focus and defining their purpose in relation to the ego and the family.

Moon in aspect to Pluto,

denotes learning the importance of emotions and connections to those we love.  This is a necessary stage in which the soul learns the pain of love, loss, birth and death.  Through understanding the fear of loss and the separation from loved ones, the soul understand the preciousness of the time we have together on earth and the importance of showing love and affection to those close to us.  This understanding of the importance of love for the development of loved ones ego and self-confidence gives us greater insight into our own development.  The soul has the opportunity of understanding the power of unconditional love through the family.


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