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Moon in Capricorn individuals are earth mothers or fathers, Capricorn in Greek mythology is connected to the nurse maid of Zeus.   These individuals often have risen from tough backgrounds where they may have been loved but times were hard.  They also were often brought up to mend and make do, even when they have more financial stability they are always very practical with money having learnt the hard lessons in youth.  They tend to have a deep soft side that most people do not see behind their common sense exterior lies a heart of gold that is always thinking of others and working hard to do what they can.  They may often help out behind the scenes and many people will have no knowledge of the work they put into their community trying to make it a little bit better for they are often shy of praise and let others take the lime light.

As parents they are deeply conscientious of their duties to ensure that both the physical and emotional needs of their children are taken care of and they will work tirelessly to ensure they provide a secure, stable and loving home for their children.  These individuals are very sensitive and affectionate underneath their exterior, they are extremely responsive to their partners needs and emotions and will always be there whenever they are needed.  They are able to provide loved ones with a sense of security and safety that makes them feel confident and capable and as such others are often attracted to their nurturing nature.

These individuals contain molten lava underneath their cool exterior and when they make a commitment they do so heart, body and soul!  They love with all their heart and they are exceedingly passionate and protective of those they love and are willing to make any sacrifice necessary to please them.  They also prefer long term commitment because they need to fully commit themselves to a partner and they need that commitment in return to relax enough to express that deep inner passion and affection.

They are also deeply private and unless in a relationship with these individuals it is unlikely that you will see their true passion and emotions as they are unlikely to express this deeply personal and sacred side of their relationship in public.

Moon in Capricorn in 1st house,

individuals with the moon in Capricorn in 1st house are very practical on there outlook on life they are very down to earth and full of common sense wisdom.  They are not cold or ruthless but practical and are often kind and nurturing, preferring to show affection in practical everyday ways than making grand gestures.  these individuals are very good at nursing and other caring careers where sensible and kind treatment of others is necessary, if they choose a career such as nursing they will tend to work hard and put their patients needs first.   They are often very attached to family and childhood memories.  As they get older they tend to be more relaxed about their family and their responsibilities in life.  They often have a rye sense of humour and can make a witty comments that can completely go over the head of others.

moon in Capricorn in 2nd house,

individuals with moon in Capricorn in the 2nd house tend to be quite practical in financial matters they may have had very thrifty parents by necessity and don’t believe in waste themselves.  They are not likely to take on any debt lightly and feel better paying with money they have rather than credit.  This tends to mean they invest in quality items for their home and are attracted to quality made goods that although may be more expensive are able to last and which have elegance rather than fashion value.  There home is usually their most important investment and they will work heard keeping it neat and tidy especially the garden if they have one.  They are prepared to wait and save for things which pays off dividends in the long-run.  they are also likely to be very good parents who create a stable home environment for their children to grow and develop.

Moon in Capricorn in the 3rd house,

individuals with moon in Capricorn in the 3rd house tend to be able to sell snow to the eskimos.  They are very likely to have a way of down-to-earth communication with others that makes people trust their opinions on most matters and they use this to great effect at times.  They are good at understanding other people’s motivation and relating to them on an emotional level that is not mushy or sentimental but deeply empathic and understanding.  These individuals are able to get along with most people in life and are quite often very witty with a down to earth sense of humour that can laugh at the absurdity of life.  These people are usually a great to be around not in an over top hyper way but in calming, way that bolsters others self confidence – they just give off positive vibes to others.

Moon in Capricorn in the 4th house,

individuals with the moon in Capricorn in the 4th house are usually very nature orientated they tend to love gardening and being out in the wild countryside.  They are often very keen on growing their own food because it is fresh, nutritious and tastes much better.  They are very focused on providing the best for family and are usually the one everybody turns to when there are problems.  These individuals have very broad shoulders and a deep inner strength that makes them able to keep going no matter how tough things are in life.  These individuals are strong but they are also deeply affectionate and though they tend to hide their feelings well their is a depth and sweetness that only those closest are able to see when at home they are openly affectionate, warm and loving but they like to keep this aspect private.

Moon in Capricorn in the 5th house,

individuals with moon in Capricorn in the 5th house are often great at inventing, engineering and creating things.  These individual combine inventiveness and creativity with practicality which makes them great at designing practical, elegant and useful objects around the house, they may have a bit of a passion for DIY because of this.  They are also very warm-hearted and are very expressive of affection especially with children or animals.  They are perfectionists at heart and what ever they do is always to the highest standard possible.  There is a good chance that they will always stay close to family and be influenced by them throughout their lives.  There is a tendency to place great value on cultural heritage and to express this through art or other media, they may also take old myths and rejuvenate them to find new meaning for this age and time.

Moon in Capricorn in 6th house,

individuals with the moon in Capricorn in the 6th house are very practical and hard working usually they have a strong work ethic that was passed on from both parents.  These individuals were usually brought up in a caring and nurturing environment which gave them a strong sense of their own duty to help others that were more unfortunate in life.  They are often quite conservative and very realistic about their own capacities but they have a tendency at times to talk themselves down too much which is a shame because they have a heart of gold and tend to do much good in the world for which they are much appreciated for by others.  They like to be productive even when they are relaxing they prefer to be making something and so are usually attracted to crafts and other activities that allows them to both relax and create at the same time.

Moon in Capricorn in 7th house,

individuals with moon in Capricorn in the 7th house are usually quite focused on their personal relationships and when these people commit they tend to do so for life.  They are prepared to put the work and effort into their relationships in the knowledge that love like any other investment can only bring returns on what has been given.  These individuals are usually central in families being the matriarch or patriarch that people turn to for advice and wisdom.  They are able to give most sensible and empathic advise based on a sound understanding that we are all human with our own faults and folliables.  They are also usually better with children the older they get and are more relaxed and fun as they age, this may because of less responsibilities of their own.  Usually their is a strong sense of duty towards family members and these individuals are more likely to care for the elderly themselves.

Moon in Capricorn in 8th house,

individuals with moon in Capricorn in 8th house are often deeply sensitive on the inside and very private about their personal life and childhood.  There is a good likelihood that times were hard as children and although they felt loved their childhood’s were by no means easy.  These individuals are often quite passionate about providing for their own family both in terms of emotional and financial security.  There ability to deal with intense situations calmly and effectively means they are more likely to be found in occupations where the ability to keep a calm head is necessary such as the emergency services or high risk banking etc… They are able to sooth and comfort those in emotional distress in a calm and sensitive way that makes others feel safe and secure no matter the circumstance or situation.

Moon in Capricorn in 9th house,

individuals with moon in Capricorn in the 9th house are often outdoor types who love being in the wilds, nature lovers at heart they love exploring the wilds and being alone.  They have great faith in the power of nature to restore balance and they need to feel connected to the natural world in some way.  They often have a natural gift for growing their own food and they believe in reaping the bounty of nature with their own hands.  These individuals are quite often very successful in life because they are able to optimise the opportunities that come along in life they work hard but they also take risks and that usually pays off for them.  When it comes to their loved ones they have a lot of faith in their family to do the right thing and this faith is rarely broken.  They also try to live up to the highest ideals themselves and take their morals and ethics seriously.

Moon in Capricorn in 10th house,

individuals with the moon in Capricorn in the 10th house are often successful because they are hard-working and dedicated to their careers.  They have a strong sense of responsibility to others and often carry a lot on their shoulders.  They are also often in the public eye, whether at a local level or national they tend to be drawn into civic positions within government institutions.  These individuals are very organised and practical and they like to keep their emotions in check, this can make them appear emotionally detached at times but they are actually capable of empathising a great deal with most people.  They just prefer to find practical solutions to others problems rather than wearing their heart on their sleeve.  When they are in a position of authority at work they often like to create a family atmosphere and working in family business’ is something that suits these individuals well.

Moon in capricorn in 11th house,

individuals with moon in Capricorn 11th house are usually altruistic in a practical and down to earth way they are firm believers in creating a better society for all and tend to work hard behind the scenes to make their communities better.  They tend to believe that communities are at the heart of society and they believe in being very active as citizens in creating a sense of community and belonging for all.  They are quite capable of putting the needs of others before their own and are often tireless workers for their own causes.  These individuals are great at thinking up new yet practical solutions to problems and they may be attracted to architecture as an occupation as it allows them to combine their practical yet imaginative abilities to produce something of lasting beauty.

Moon in Capricorn in the 12th house,

individuals with moon in Capricorn in the 12th house often have family issues around parents being authoritarian or completely lacking any self discipline themselves.  These individuals may struggle finding their own balance with these issues themselves.  They may also have financial struggles where they have to learn to be more practical with their money and prioritise spending. Occasionally they spend money they do not have on their children because of issues from their own childhood.  Often they take a while to overcome financial and emotional concerns but when they do they find their own inner strength and capabilities that means they are capable of helping others in similar situations.  These individuals are very sweet and sensitive and can be shy and introverted at times because they need time to get to know others.



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