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Taranis, “thunder” was also known as Tuireann in Irish, in Welsh Taranu means to thunder as Tarann means to thunder in Irish. To thunder means to roar, bellow, blast,rage, storm,rant, rave or be furious.  This Celt God representing going off the deep end with justification he also represented roaring with laughter and sudden. shocks. The God Taranis represents much more than this as the Thunder Sky God he was connected to the chariot wheel that was connected to the heavens and moved the sun and moon across the sky.  As God of the sky he controlled day and night and the movement of the stars.  The Romans compared him to Jupiter probably because he was depicted holding the thunder bolt, but in Irish mythology his three sons by Brigid were the three Gods of Art who forged weapons this is much more in tune with Uranus whose three cyclops sons forged the thunder bolts of Zeus.  Tuireann also had three other sons who murdered his rival Cian, Cian’s son Lugh made them travel the world looking for magical weapons as recompense which they did but all are badly wounded and Tuireann end up dying of grief over their graves.

Taranis is a complex asteroid that represents great emotions such as anger, rage, joy and grief, it also represents sudden events that create these emotions and is quite similar to Uranus in that it represents unpredictable emotional upheaval. Where it lies in the natal chart and the aspects it makes represent what issues and events will have strong emotional impact on our lives

Taranis in aspect to Chiron represents strong emotional outburst due to past trauma, expression of repressed anger, pain and sorrow, or strong emotional affinity with those who have suffered similar trauma when activated.

Taranis in aspect to Sun represent strong emotional outbursts to sudden events in life that involve issues of self esteem and the ego. Expressed positively could mean being emotionally overwhelmed by praise in a negative expression this could be an over reaction to any perceived criticism.

Taranis in aspect to moon represents strong emotional outbursts at family changes such as births, marriages or death.

Taranis in aspect to Mercury represents tendency at times to make decisions that are purely emotional and that may be vindictive or sentimental.

Taranis in aspect to Venus represents a tendency to be over the top emotionally with others at times and overwhelming with affections and jealousy.

Taranis in aspect to Jupiter represents a tendency to be over excited by sudden events and extreme emotional attachment to beliefs.

Taranis in aspect to Saturn represents a tendency to be over emotional about justice and responsibility where the belief in holding others accountable is carried to extremes at times.

Taranis in Aries represents a tendency towards quick ,sudden, spontaneous and fiery outbursts

Taranis in Taurus represents a tendency towards impulse comfort eating, sudden refusal to cooperate and aggression

Taranis in Gemini represents a tendency towards nervous laughter and chatter when shocked, rushed and excited speech and spontaneous emotional outbursts

Tarantis in Cancer represents a tendency towards sudden mood swings, and extreme highs and lows emotionally

Tarantis in Leo represents a tendency towards dramatic, over the top and sudden reactions

Tarantis in Virgo represents a tendency towards over critical and harsh comments as well as sudden and strong guilt

Tarantis in Libra represents a tendency towards being spontaneously contrary and contradictory with others

Tarantis in Scorpio represents a tendency towards intense rages, passions and temper tantrums

Tarantis in Sagittarius represents a tendency towards intense surges of energy and sudden irrational emotional beliefs

Tarantis in Capricorn represents a tendency towards sudden judgements and emotional bias

Tarantis in Aquarius represents a tendency towards sudden rebelliousness and refusal to cooperate

Tarantis in Pisces represents a tendency towards sudden changes in emotions and reactions to surroundings

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