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Moon in Pisces loves a good story, so we will start with one: along time ago in a land called Sumeria, there were people who looked at the stars and saw magical things.  They saw in the sky a giant fish that swallowed the Waters of Aquarius, we call this fish Pisces Austrinus, The southern fish.  The Southern fish is not part of the constellation of Pisces, the constellation of Pisces as we know it didn’t exist instead there was a huge fish much bigger than the current fish of Pisces and a swallow.  These two huge fish represented something very important the first fish represented the living waters of wisdom, the second represented unconditional love.  The second fish is the fish of Pisces, this fish pulls us away from material concerns to focus on eternal love, at the same time we have to live in the real world and the second fish of Pisces pulls us back to earth and the realities of life.  This push and pull is something all moon in Pisces feel, stepping into everybody’s emotional shoes is easy and we can understand emotions from every perspective but we also have to live in the real world where we cannot fulfil everybody’s wishes – this tears many lunar Pisces apart as they struggle to be all things to all people.  It is also what makes them very contradictory at times as they are easily pulled between to sides of an argument and will often try to agree with everybody.

Those with moon in Pisces have often experience family trauma, this makes them more aware of the importance of family and love it is also why they struggle at times trying to please everybody.  They know the importance of friends and family and they hate the thought of losing a friend or a loved one.  This is one of the reasons they are often extremely generous with friends on a subconscious level it is because they need to feel secure about being loved and the more they give the more chance there is of being loved, this can make Pisces appear very unselfish but there is a price they need your love.

Pisces needs to be loved and they need to love others this often makes them attracted to the less fortunate in life who they can lavish this affection on.  In doing so they are often mimicking what they needed as children, they will also do this with animals especially babies and strays they mother them and lavish the affection they need on them.

Lunar Pisceans also have the gift of stepping into other people’s emotional shoes and feeling things from other perspectives.  They like to have a passion in life that they can dedicate themselves to whether that is art, the needy or religion they need something they can nurture and nourish that is more important than themselves.

Moon in Pisces in the 1st house,

Individuals with moon in Pisces in the 1st house often are extremely maternal, they love to nurture and nourish everything whether it is a plant or a pet they invest emotionally in everything.  It is also plain to see often that they have experienced many emotional traumas.  They are extremely sentimental by nature and wear their heart on their sleeve.  They are often daydreamers and appear very illusive to others at times ,it is hard for them to leave their imagination and focus at times.  They may appear mystical and magical to others and can be quite frustrating to pin down on subjects as they are very fluid and think in abstract ways often, this allows them to see things others miss.

Moon in Pisces in the 2nd house,

Individuals with the moon in Pisces 2nd house are often very family orientated, they have often experience trauma and loss of loved ones that leads them to want to spend as much time as possible with those who are here.  There is often a split with the moon here between those that need an emotional & financial security blanket because of the past and those that pay little regards to security blankets because they believe that when the storm comes it can destroy anything.  Both of them are right and this is one of those Piscean dualities that some swing between throughout their life.  With the moon here they will be very focused on providing emotional and financial security for their children, this does not mean creating great wealth but they will willing go without many things to provide the best for their children.

Moon in Pisces in 3rd house,

individuals with moon in Pisces in the 3rd house are often able to put themselves inside others heads, they have a knack of understanding both the emotions and thought processes of others extremely well. These individuals have a great expressive ability and can make others see things through the eyes of the less fortunate in life through writing and speech they can help others connect and see the opposite point of view, this is a great talent for helping others reach agreement but it may also mean that they are often caught between two opposing factions that use them as piggy in the middle.  These individuals also have great imagination and if they use that constructively they are capable of writing in a mystical and visual style that many may find irresistable, they can open up their dreams and let others inhabit the world of their imagination.

Moon in Pisces in 4th house,

individuals with moon in Pisces 4th house are very deep, they are deeply sensitive and they keep these emotions hidden from view as much as possible.  They are intensely sensitive about family issues and this is because they have had many in their lives.  They bury this emotional sensitivity deep inside and often struggle to deal with the depth of their emotions, with periods of low emotions and depression.  These individuals are often deeply affectionate when you get to know them but their inner most feelings always remain deeply private no matter how well you know them.  They are deeply caring parents and are able to sacrifice a lot for the sake of their children’s happiness.  They also have a lot going on hidden deep under the surface that makes them great at sympathising with others.

Moon in Pisces in 5th house,

individuals with moon in Pisces in 5th house are deeply imaginative and creative, they use past trauma and sensitivity to inspire visions of a better future.  These individuals have often experienced childhoods that left them with issues of self esteem, and they are often inspired to nurture the less fortunate in life whether that is children, animals or adults as part of their own healing process.  They also find creative methods of spreading a message to others that we all need to look and nurture each other in life.  These individuals are very emotional and may appear dramatic at time as if certain things only happened to them, the best way to snap them out of these moods is to activate their sense of humour because these individuals can find humour in the most dire circumstances it is one of their coping mechanisms.  They are also very entertaining when others need distracted too.


Moon in Pisces in 6th house,

individuals with moon in Pisces in 6th are usually very caring and work hard at helping others who need support.  They may tend to be a sucker at times and are vulnerable to those who use guilt and manipulation for them learning to say no is a major lesson in life.  The hardest thing for these individuals is often learning to take a step back and letting others find their own two feet.  For a lot of people with this aspect they will be drawn towards the caring carers, and may dedicate their life to the service of others.  These individuals may also be passionately involved in charity work volunteering in the community is something that appeals to their sensitive nurturing nature.  The down side is that they may not take the rest they need and they may also aggravate their health by emotional eating.

Moon in Pisces in 7th house,

Individuals born with moon in Pisces in 7th house, those with moon here are often very likely to flip-flop on decisions and it is just because they can see all sides of an argument and they can understand the feelings of all involved.  These individuals are incredibly sweet-natured but there sensitivity towards others makes them very vulnerable at times to being trapped in relationships with others that are not healthy for them because they find it difficult to walk away.  These individuals are often deeply affected by their own childhood when it comes to relationships they may repeat unhealthy patterns or choose relationships in which they are constantly trying to help or heal the other.  With a caring and sensitive partner however they can blossom and use that compassion more wisely and there is an opportunity that they may be inspirational to the lives they touch throughout life.

Moon in Pisces in 8th house,

individuals born with the moon in Pisces in the 8th house often have extremely traumatic childhoods, they are often very emotionally intense but usually they will become extremely practical and calm in the more extreme events they face in life.  It is in extreme moments that they often come to the fore and they may choose occupations that reflect this ability to remain calm such as stock broking, emergency services or dangerous sports.  They tend to live on their nerves a lot of the time but they are also very good at hiding this aspect of their personality and can look completely calm when their is an emotional tsunami building inside them.  It is important for these individuals not to bury past hurts but to find a way of getting them out into the open which is an area they often struggle with.

Moon in Pisces in 9th house,

individuals with the moon in Pisces in 9th house,

individuals with the mooon in pisces 9th house often love the sea, they love the rhythmic movement of travel and it can often be extremely soothing for them.  These individuals often have strong beliefs, whether that is religious or just strong moral beliefs on how we treat one another they are capable of dedicating their lives to those beliefs.  These individuals need a cause in life that they can call their own, this may be a charity or they may find a cause such as the environment. There is often a strong attraction to foreign cultures and mystical beliefs, mythology and lifestyles.  These individuals may feel the need to teach in some capacity too and their attraction to nurturing children may see them work in an are of early years child development such as nursery or in Primary / elementary school education.  These individuals may also be attracted to special needs and may work in learning support.  They often understand those with special needs very well due to their own childhood pains and traumas.

Moon in Pisces in 10th house,

individuals with moon in Pisces in 10th house often have had traumatic or troubled childhoods that were common knowledge, they may also have been part of the care system whether that was monitoring their situation or direct intervention due to issues of health or problems within the home.  There is a great understanding of the mood of the public and an ability to predict the reaction of the masses with this aspect that can be used to promote causes or in a professional role to promote a person or product. These individuals although they may have had difficult backgrounds are often able to deal with their issues from childhood well and they are likely as adults to work hard to escape their background situation.  They tend not to forget their origins in life and are often prepared to give others from similar backgrounds the opportunity in life that they need.

Moon in Pisces in 11th house,

individuals with moon in Pisces in 11th house often have childhood issues connected to separation whether that separation is physical or emotional they have usually felt its effects.  These individuals often know what it feels to be on the outside looking in on life and can connect easily with those on the edge of society.  They are often quite altruistic in nature and they are very concerned with the welfare of others and society in general. These individuals are often both very loving and wise, they see things that is frequently missed by others and they understand with compassion that we are all vulnerable and this can be a major reason for the decisions we make in life.  This insight is valuable in careers that deal with those that have substance issues and other problems, even if this is not their career they may spend time working voluntarily with those people.

Moon in Pisces in 12th house

individuals with moon in Pisces in the 12th house are often  focused on the causes of family issues that affect the child.  This is due to their own experiences and the individual seeks to understand the issues of the adults and to help address their problems in order to prevent childhood problems and traumas.  These individuals may work professionally or voluntarily with families to help them become much more stable and functional in life.  They are often also deeply spiritual in their outlook in life and are very reflective and deep individuals who ponder the facts before coming to a decision.  They often like time alone to ponder things over before coming to a decision on anything and they make the best decisions when they are given the space and time they need.  These individuals also often need to take time out away from social situations for their own sense of balance to be restored.




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