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Those with the moon in Aquarius are natural non-conformists, this is also true of their emotions they may like many laugh at shocks such as road accidents this is not because they are heartless or cruel but because shock creates many responses.

It’s normal to feel a sense of shock when someone close to you dies. You might experience shock through physical and emotional reactions. You may feel dizzy, nauseous, dazed, numb or empty. As part of feeling shocked, you may not believe that the news is real.

Shock may cause some people to react in an unusual way when they first hear the news of a death. For example, some people laugh hysterically. This is often a result of the shock, and not necessarily because the person finds the situation funny. Shock is different for everyone and may last for a couple of days or weeks.  As a way of coping with the news of a loss your feelings may become numb. This may mean you feel like you are dreaming, or the event seems unreal. Sometimes this can make it hard to cry or feel any sort of sadness.

Many with moon in Aquarius have these responses and they are often misinterpreted by others, for those with moon in Aquarius may take longer to get over the initial stage of shock and this is difficult because people often offer support just after the death of a loved one where many with the moon in Aquarius need that support months and even years on.

Individuals with the moon in Aquarius are often very altruistic in their outlook, this is partly due to the fact that they understand what it is like to feel on the outside in life and so have a natural affinity to those who are rejected or belong to minority groups.  These individuals at heart like to form their own community of friends and family where everybody is welcome and accepted the way they are.  Often their home is the hub of activity and is full of friends not just their own but those of children as there is usually something about there home that attracts everybody like bees to a hive.  This may be the welcoming and fun atmosphere that can descend into chaos at times with people coming and going.

Their fun-loving personality attracts many from all walks of life and they have a knack of getting along with most people from whatever background they come from.  They like to stand out from the crowd and dislike the idea of conforming to anything even their moon signs.

Moon in Aquarius in 1st house,

individuals with the moon in Aquarius in the 1st house are lots of fun to be around their wacky antics are often legendary.  These individuals are great at creating an atmosphere of fun and are not afraid to be outspoken and controversial in a way that others are drawn to.  They can be rabble rouser’s at times and this energy is best used to draw attention to causes such as human rights or the environment.  they often have a strong rebelious streak and do not like to be told what they can or cannot do by anybody, this works in their favour often as when they are told something is impossible their instinct is to prove the person wrong and usually they are quite successful at this.  These individuals are often fully aware of what it feels like to be on the outside looking in and they may have felt physically or emotionally rejected by either parent in childhood or adolescence.

Moon in Aquarius in 2nd house,

individuals with the moon in Aquarius in 2nd house are often fun-loving with a sensible and practical streak, they usually create a vibrant home environment that is reflective of their own distinct personality but warm and welcoming to others.  The home is important to these individuals as it is often the hub of activity and they put much effort into creating a positive family atmosphere where everybody is welcome and appreciated.  They may be quite focused on their family and dedicate a lot of time and energy on their children.  These individuals are often very stubborn when it comes to ideas and values they are unlikely to change their minds on issues once they have formed a decision they stick to it and have the tenacity to hold on when others would have easily given in.  They are also often stubborn about asking for help when they need it, and will struggle on rather than admit that they need help or seek it.  Part of this is due to their strong independent nature and these individuals often feel like they would rather die than play the victim.

Moon in Aquarius in 3rd house

individuals with moon in Aquarius in the 3rd house are often the source of many weird and wonderful facts.  These individuals are usually fascinated by the mind and its workings as well as the bizarre and downright weird in life.  They are never dull in a conversation they tend to say unpredictable and often shocking things just to see the reaction of others and they love to play devil’s advocate at times. They may have had trouble fitting in at school because of this tendency but they are also likely to be very intelligent and may be academic rebels that take a field in a new direction.  They are often fond of stories about family adventures and misadventures and may embarrass their children at times by retelling old stories and showing baby photos to everybody.  They may also have a talent for science fiction and even if they do not write they may regale audiences with tales of wild flights of fancy.

Moon in Aquarius in 4th house,

individuals with moon in Aquarius in the 4th house may be quieter than most moon in Aquarius types but their minds are definitely full of noise and imagination.  These individuals are very deep thinkers and like to reflect on all aspects of life.  They do however keep a lot of their thoughts to themselves and although they see a lot they are not likely to let on half of what they see.  They have a great natural insight into psychology and notice the small things in life and people that means they are more aware when their friends etc are going through issues than most.  These individuals have usual had to be very independent from an early age and they are often keen to ensure that their children do not feel the responsibilities that they themselves often felt as children.  They are very family orientated and that wish to give their own children the best in life means the are truly selfless when it comes to putting their children’s needs first.

Moon in Aquarius in 5th house,

individuals with the moon in Aquarius in the 5th house are often uniquely creative although they struggle with self confidence in expressing this early in life.  These individuals are very aware that feeling physically or emotional rejected has a deep impact on the ego of a developing child and they may be attracted to working with children with behavioural problems etc.  who feel rejected and discarded by society.  They are often great fun to be around and their wacky sense of humour and positivity is what they use when people are down to lift others spirits and they are often extremely good at lifting the mood when others are down and helping take their mind off things.  These individuals are often brilliant at entertaining the sick and can find the positives in life no matter how tough things can get.

Moon in Aquarius in 6th house,

individuals with moon in Aquarius in 6th house are often very busy working to make a better world for everybody.  These individuals are drawn to helping others and are prepared to dedicate a lot of time and effort in doing so. They tend to have very altruistic tendencies and believe in creating a society that is just, fair and humane and they are willing to sacrifice their time and energy to working towards those goals.  These individuals are more happy to walk the walk than talk the talk and prefer to enlighten others with their example than by words.  These individuals are capable of using their great rational abilities to solve social problems and help aid society whether that is methods of ensuring we all have access to good food or inventing new technologies they like to put that unique insight and brain power to good use.

Moon in Aquarius in the 7th house,

individuals with Moon in Aquarius in the 7th house are often attracted to people who are completely different from themselves and have different backgrounds, they love meeting new people from different ethnic backgrounds and have a lust for experiencing the wide variety of human relationships.  On a more personal and intimate level they are usually strong believer in that one person who is meant for them and when they commit to a relationship they do so for life.  These individuals are stubborn when they choose a partner nothing will persuade them otherwise and even if the person does not appear that interested this will not deter them.  They often know within the first meeting that the person is the one they want to commit to and this sudden instinct can seem shocking or mad to others but they are usually right for they are acute judges of character.

Moon in Aquarius in the 8th house,

individuals with the moon in Aquarius in the 8th house are often difficult to gauge as they can have sudden and deep mood swings between euphoria and depression.  They may have had many traumas in childhood that they find difficult to speak about with others.  These individuals often find it difficult to get close to others emotionally as much as they desire to do so.  There is often something deep inside that fears closeness as much as they desire it.  These individuals take a while to understand this aspect of themselves but it gives them great insight into the psychology of others.  These individuals have a knack of understanding the motivation of others and they are capable of using this knowledge to great effect in healing the wounds of traumas with much insight and sensitivity.

Moon in Aquarius in the 9th house,

individuals with the moon in Aquarius in the 9th house are often philosophical by nature they also usually have a strong moral or ethical code that they stick to rigidly.  These individuals are unlikely to compromise their principles for anybody, because they mean more to them than the opinions of others this often leaves these individuals sitting on the outside of groups as they refuse to compromise on basic ethics to fit in with others.  These individuals love to experience the off-the -beaten-track holidays where they experience the unusual and the real culture.  These individuals may have had experiences in childhood that make them able to relate to those outside the main stream and especially other cultures that may be misunderstood.  They often feel more comfortable in these cultures and relate better to them.

Moon in Aquarius in the 10th house,

individuals with Moon in Aquarius in the 10th house are often extremely good at dealing with the public in some capacity, they are able to keep others calm id necessary or to move them to action.  They are great at getting causes to the public’s attention and they have a uniqueness that others find refreshingly honest at times.  These individuals are great at creating a sense of mutual responsibility towards each other and motivating us all to join local, national or international causes which involve working together for the betterment of society.  These individuals have often come from tough backgrounds and they are well aware of the difference a helping hand can make to others.  They are also likely to be great at creating structures whether physical such as architecture or within business, charities and other organisations.  They have a great grasp of how the world works and may use this knowledge to fight the system.

Moon in Aquarius in the 11th house,

individuals with Moon in Aquarius in the 11th house are often close to their friends and believe in creating that sense of family they often lack through the close friend they make.  They may always feel on the outside looking in when it comes to groups of close friends but rarely show these feelings and their friends may not know this is how they feel and this is a shame because their friends often see them as the centre and heart of their group.  These individuals have a strong altruistic streak and will give willingly of their time and money to the less fortunate in life they are often involved in some cause or charity work and they have an abundance of energy when it comes to changing the system they are very motivated.  Sometimes their unique viewpoint on life makes them feel separate from others who cannot always grasp where their ideas are coming from.

Moon in Aquarius in the 12th house,

individuals with moon in Aquarius in the 12th house are usually fond of being alone and are able to keep themselves amused even as children.  These individuals are not antisocial they often have a need for solitary reflection and are able to express the deepest and most thoughtful ideas when given time and peace to reflect on certain situations.  There is a good chance people with this aspect had more than their fair share of family troubles as a child and may have felt completely misunderstood by their family, this may also cause them to retreat within themselves at times.  They may be somewhat reclusive at times but their insight and wisdom is much appreciated by others and they are often regarded with much affection and loved deeply for that unique perspective they often hide.

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