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Venus along with Uranus rules the heart chakra.

Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away. The Heart Chakra is of vital importance because what is created here never fails and cannot be destroyed; it passes on with us, It passes on through future generations, it passes on to those who are affected by our abundance or shortage of compassion, love and understanding.  Our vision of the future is constantly changing depending on how we all treat each other and the environment – we can have prophesies of the future but they will always reflect the condition of the heart at present.  To change our future we must change our hearts, still the tongues of the critics or lose the knowledge and wisdom of our ancestors as the world decays into endless violence.

For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world, and forfeit his soul? The Heart Chakra houses the soul and what is created from this point onwards is what we carry with us at the point of death.

“Sing the song of celestial love, O singer!  May the divine fountain of eternal grace and joy enter your soul.  May Brahma, (the Divine One),  Pluck the strings of your inner soul with His celestial fingers,  And feel His own presence within.  Bless us with a divine voice  That we may tune the harp-strings of our life To sing songs of Love to you.” (Rig Veda)

“Meditating on the lotus of your heart,
in the center is the untainted;
the exquisitely pure, clear, and sorrowless;
the inconceivable;
the unmanifest,
of infinite form;
blissful, tranquil, immortal;
the womb of Brahma.”

Venus in aspect to Sun,

think of the chakras as part of a tree, the root chakra (Mars & Saturn) connect us to the earth and the nutrients (energy) contained there, The base Chakra (Jupiter and Pluto) is the base of the trunk it bears the weight of the rest of the tree and carries the nutrients to the branches, leaves and fruit.  The trunk divides into two main sections or branches this is the third Chakra and it is ruled by the Sun and Moon.  This branch when healthy contains many leaves (heart chakra), in order to be healthy and support these leaves this branch needs nutrients and a stable base to grow. In order for the sun branch to grow and develop it needs a few things, it needs to understand that it is capable of doing many things in life, it needs to be confident enough to grow towards the sun and it needs to be able to reach that light. Venus in aspect to sun is all about how we achieve that growth, in dynamic aspect that growth may have been hard and there may have been a lot of pushing through dark canopies before seeing some light.  The strength developed by pushing through the darkness gives this branch strength to support strong leaves when it does reach the light.  Strong leaves work a magical alchemy they combine the nutrients of the branch with the energy of the light of love and they create something new, they create the source of life itself.  The Sun here adds vigour and strength to the light of love, our purpose in life is to reconnect with the divine universal love and others.  Through the individuals skills and talents he can show this love for mankind, by what he / she creates and leaves as a legacy of their time in the world.

Venus in aspect to the moon,

This branch when healthy also contains many leaves.  This branch reaches out towards our family and our community, it stretches out to connect with other branches and entwined they support each other.  The branches here work to strengthen and support each other to connect and embrace, for these branches can bear more leaves through working together.  Venus in aspect to the moon denotes working together as a community to better each others lives, what cannot be done by the individual is possible as part of a community and when this aspect is working best it improves the lives of everybody around them.  Working with everybody and involving the whole of a community means that nobody is left excluded they are all valued and Venus here grows the leaves of mutual respect and unconditional love for those that others would exclude and demean.  This aspect opens others up to creating an inclusive community where the gifts and talents of everybody benefit the whole.

Venus in aspect to Mercury,

healthy leaves contain the ability to produce the energy that is necessary to bear fruit.  The fruit of the tree is wisdom and that is the 5th Chakra.  Wisdom comes from love and without love it is meaningless, Venus in aspect to Mercury ensures good fruit that is nourished by the light of love.  Here the words of Jesus explaining that it is not what is eaten that make us unclean but what is said, done and thought takes on great significance.  Wisdom is what we leave those that follow after us, it connects us to them down through the ages.  Buildings crumble and fall apart but wisdom lives on, it is the most loving thing we can leave future generations.  wisdom is not a list of do’s and don’ts it is a way of understanding we are all precious, we all matter and we are all create from the universal light of love.  When we speak to others and they feel our love that is wisdom and it is the little things we say that often have the most meaning for those that follow.

Venus in aspect to Mars

Mars rules the root chakra with Saturn and represents the life force that flows through us often this energy may be expressed as anger or passion, the raw passion of anger is converted combined with the energy of unconditional universal love, at its best this allows us to create a force for good in the world and provides the necessary energy for change.  Love always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.  Love never fails.  Utopian societies in fiction often descend into dystopia by the loss of love, ideals followed without regard to the original purpose so that they begin to oppose the ideas they once represented. This energy must always be present for society to remain just and fair and we all play our part in ensuring it remains the basis of society and the law.  “Anger is like electricity,” Gandhi said.  “It serves a useful and powerful purpose if it is used properly.  But it is dangerous if abused and not directed safely.”  Venus here helps to ensure this energy is used for powerful good in the world.

Venus in aspect to Jupiter,

Jupiter rules the base Chakra along with Pluto, the base serves as a foundation of strength.  Jupiter here is all about growth of the heart chakra and the use of alchemy to combine the energy of unconditional love and the spirit with the energy of the earth and nature to produce the fruit of wisdom.  Here to powerful energies combine and create fruit in abundance which is there to be shared with the world and the rest of mankind.  This magnifies the power of love and compassion to change the world around it.  Here the faith in the power of love and compassion to overcome past pain and inequality is strong and a driving force in the individual’s life.

Venus in aspect to Saturn,

Saturn in aspect to Venus creates strong base for the nutrients(energy) to flow from the roots to the leaves or the heart to be used as part of the alchemy of eternal love. What is produced here will create the fruit of the last three chakras.  This aspect denotes that there is a good possibility of producing healthy abundant fruit due to strengthening of the tree as a whole through coppicing and pruning. When a tree has been coppiced its roots become stronger and more stable.  Many grasses are designed to burn down to just above the root, plants have long understood that if the root is strong, stable and secure they can withstand almost anything.  Hard pruning and coppicing encourage new growth which shall be able to produce good fruit.  Although this may be hard at the time what is born later will be of a much higher value because of this.

Venus in aspect to Uranus

denotes strong 4th house energy with the opportunity to understand and feel the unconditional love that is felt for each individual.  Through their own experiences these individuals understand the importance of feeling loved and feeling part of the human family valued for their own unique wisdom and insights.  The heart wheel in Tibetan Buddhism is the location of the indestructible red-and-white drop. At death the winds of the body dissolve and enter this drop, which then leaves the body into Bardo (the intermediate stage) and rebirth.  On the tree of life the central sephirah (Tiphereth) is associated with the heart.  Christian kabbalists, in particular, associate this sephirah with love, healing and Jesus Christ.  In Qigong, the middle Dantian (one of the three furnaces which transform energy in the body) is in this region. The middle Dantian transforms qi energy into shen(spiritual energy).  The heart chakra is the point at which the energies of life and the lower chakras meet the energy of eternal and unconditional love that survives the cycle of life.  Thus the heart chakra is the source of spiritual understanding, through which we reach the wisdom of the 5th chakra and the insight and intuition of the 6th before realising the potential of our own eternal love in the 7th.  Individuals thus have the potential to develop the strength of the chakras above the heart when their heart chakra provides a sound and solid foundation from which to develop from.

Venus in aspect to Neptune,

denotes learning to develop our capacity to love and express affection towards each other openly and honestly, to understand our own intense need for love and affection and to be willing to accept and meet that need in other souls.  There is an opportunity to develop the ability to open up emotionally to others and share real love and compassion with them, this gift has real ability to heal others who have experienced rejection and pain in their life.  The soul learns through loving others that it is connected to the source of all love, that in accessing this love and compassion it breathes life into its own soul as well as that of others.  The knowledge of the power of this connection helps the individual understand that death is nothing to fear for their soul will live as long as it is connected to universal love and it can return home to it when it leaves the body.  Neptune here is bringing the energies of the 4th chakra into focus and defining their purpose in relation to understanding the power of unconditional love.

Venus in aspect to Pluto

denotes learning to accept our insecurities as humans and to recognise the power of unconditional love to heal those fears and wounds.  The soul has the opportunity to develop its capacity to love and to heal itself through accessing the universal unconditional love it senses.  The soul has the opportunity to understand the importance of love in remaining spiritually alive, only through access to universal love can the soul heal and develop.  Once the soul has accessed this energy it is able to heal and aid others whose souls have been injured through life.

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