Undina 92 the vengeful mermaid   2 comments

Undina is named after Undine the tittle of a short novella and the basis of the little mermaid story. Undine is swapped for a human child as a baby.  This changeling myth was very common part of folklore, and instances of children being killed because they were thought to be changelings was not uncommon.  A man also killed his wife due to the belief he had married a changeling. She has to marry a human to get a soul, she makes an excellent wife but still retains the powers she has as a water nymph.  However her husband is persuaded by his old love to reject Undine and she returns to her water underworld but warns her husband that he must remain true to her or she will be forced to kill him. However he marries his old love and Undine kills him.

Undine gaining a soul in the novel is equated with becoming submissive, considerate and full of affection.  Undine loses her carefree and wild attributes of the water nymph and becomes submissive to her husband’s will. It is only when she is rejected that her independent strength and spirit return and she is therefore not believed by her husband when she claims she will be honour bound to kill him if he is untrue to her.

Undina in the natal chart represents where we lose our sense of identity within relationships and where we are consumed by revenge when all goes wrong.

Undina in aspect to the Sun denotes the ability to completely lose sense of identity within a relationship and to be vengeful if rejected

Undina in aspect to the moon denotes the ability to become cut off from true emotions within a relationship and an inability to express them as well as extreme emotional reaction to rejection

Undina in aspect to Venus indicates complete loss of self in love and powerful jealousy

Undina in aspect to Mars denotes submissive sexuality and violent reaction to rejection


Posted August 25, 2014 by neptune's Aura Astrology in asteroids

2 responses to “Undina 92 the vengeful mermaid

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  1. I have the sun opposition undina at 0 degrees… so true

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