Godiva 3018 The naked Protestor   Leave a comment

Godiva is named after Lady Godiva.  Lady Godiva was a real Anglo- Saxon who lived in the period before and just after the Norman invasion of 1066.  Both her and her husbamd donated much to the local monastery and church.  However Lady Godiva is famous for the myth that she rode naked through Coventry in protest at her husband raising taxes and shamed him by her actions into abolishing the harsh taxes on the poor.  This myth is also where the origins of the phrase ‘peeping Tom’ come from as the rest of the town averted their gaze, Tom peeped and was blinded by either God or the town’s people according to myth.

Godiva in the natal chart highlights where, when and how we protest injustice and the lengths we will go to achieve this aim.

Godiva in aspect to Sun denotes a strong tendancy to speak out for others despite leaving themselves vulnerable

Godiva in aspect to moon denotes strong tendancy to speak out about the welfare of those in our community and our duty towards each other in society

Godiva in aspect to Mercury denotes the ability to inspire others with words to join a protest or cause

Godiva in aspect to Venus denotes a strong sense of empathy that allows the individual to speak out for the less fortunate

Godiva in aspect to Mars denotes a strong drive to seek justice and equality


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