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Ganymed is the German spelling of Ganymede.  Zeus granted Ganymede eternal youth, cup bearer to the Gods and Associated in Greek mythology with Aquarius, symbol of the world river and the source of the Nile that fertilised the lands of Egypt.

Ganymede in the natal chart represent where we retain our youthful outlook on life, it also represent the faith and wisdom of youth in believing in change and altruism.  Ganymede revigorates the planets it forms aspects to and keep that energy youthful and alive throughout life.

Ganymed in aspect to the Midheaven, is a sign of a youthful outlook on life that relates well to the ideas and aspirations of the youth and keeps the spirit of optimism and hope alive in others.

Ganymed in aspect to the Ascendant indicates a naturally youthful and exuberant personality that is full of optimism and hope for the future.

Ganymed in aspect to the Sun denotes a child like ability to relate to people of all ages with a joyful enthusiasm for life and open heart.

Ganymed in aspect to the moon denotes a strong altruistic connection with others as part of the brotherhood of man.

Ganymed in aspect to Mercury denotes an ever youthful mind that retains its childlike curiosity and wonder.

Ganymed in aspect to Venus denotes a youthful and affectionate nature, that is open and nurturing to others

Ganymed in aspect to Mars denotes a youthful energy and enthusiasm for life

Ganymed in aspect to Jupiter denotes a youthful exuberance and adventurous spirit

Ganymed in aspect to Saturn denotes remaining positive and open-minded throughout all the trials and hardships of life

Ganymed in aspect to Uranus indicates a youthful rebelious streak that remains throughout life

Ganymed in aspect to Neptune indicates issues with retaining the ideals of youth throughout life and developing these beliefs and ideals

Ganymed in aspect to Pluto indicates a youthful and joyous soul that does not age


Posted August 25, 2014 by neptune's Aura Astrology in asteroids

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