Swirling Stars – Cosmic Poem By Mary Balderama, Tricia McMahon & S. Graham   Leave a comment

Swirling Stars, Gather nightly Bringing down

A Heart Blessed by

The ImmortalChaos that Created it

dancing heavens, delighting in immense universes

life’s sweet precious kiss ,Eternal children

Timeless dance, Trembling beauty, Wistful wishes

Erotic pleasures  Awaken senses, Universes exploding

Hearts Afire Molten bliss, creation’s glory Spicy Genius, Inspirations gift

spiralling from Infinite Desire

Celestial spheres embrace the Karmic Connections, Soul vibrations giving passion

Intense Fury Violent frenzy lightning sparks Souls collide,

Unified together, One in loves’s fire

Consciousness raised by hearts, Transformation triggered

Altered awareness floating through Creation’s womb

Timeless mother, connected to Earth’s children

Bound forever

secrets of History unfolding, Mysteries deciphered  visions of Crowned Glory,

Mystical awakening united by Possessive force

Impenetrable strength, fighting with Obsessive Desires, Destructive energies  forging changes, 

Passionate beings 

Find salvation within their Magnetic energy

Soulful synergy cosmic alchemy

Spiritual regeneration, Healing vision, drawing close Collective energies

Magical thoughts rebirthing of Complete consciousness.


Posted August 24, 2014 by neptune's Aura Astrology in Cosmic poetry

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