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Nobody finds their soulmate or marries them.  We meet people we feel a connect to and if that connection develops into marriage or longterm commitment we have the potential down the line to become each other’s soulmate.  Becoming soulmates takes work and years of commitment.  Every relationship has the potential of becoming a soulmate relationship.  The tool we use to help us accomplish that is our composite and synastry charts.  They help us understand the different energies at play within our relationships so we can adapt them to each other.  Saturn square Mercury in synastry would tell us that the Saturn person needs to back off from being hyper critical and the Mercury person needs to share more of the practical responsibilities and commitments for the relationship to work at its best longterm.  This would of course take time in any relationship and work.  Synastry and composites give an edge in helping us recognise where we need to work before problems arise, however it takes practice in overcoming our natural responses and even with knowledge there will be times when we just react.

Whatever your synastry or composite chart looks like it has the potential if both are willing to be a soulmate relationship.  This takes time and it also means facing trials together and growing together as a couple with each trial and hurdle faced together the easier it will become to adapt and appreciate the differences in character and skills each one brings to the table.  This is what the composite does it shows us the potential that can be brought to a relationship but it is only potential. The longer a relationship lasts the more potentials in the relationship begin to develop both positive and negative, understanding what negative potentials may be brought helps us prevent them from development if we act consciously.

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