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Mars with Saturn rules the root chakra, or the Muladhara, this is where our energy comes from.  Mars is connected with anger for good reason when we are angry it is because we are unhappy about a situation or feel threatened – anger causes us to deal or take action to remedy the situation or threat.  Mars drives us to create a situation in which we are safe and secure and where we have the nurturing necessary for growth.  The drive of anger to create a better situation for oneself also makes us more positive on life Mars and anger can drive us to say I am not accepting this I deserve better and I will obtain it.  Anger also expresses our emotional nature people understand what we care passionately about and what we find acceptable in how ourselves and others are treated.  Imagine a world where nobody was angered by the slaughter of innocent children, would the world intervene with the passion and commitment needed to stop their slaughter.   Mars rules this energy that drives us to care about ourselves and others.  Mars is our passion and that is often expressed as anger.  Mars is also our Kundalini and if we are supressing our anger we are supressing it also.  If we are not in control of it we are also not in control of the energy of our Kundalini.  Aristotle wrote, ‘The man who is angry at the right things and with the right people, and further, as he ought, when he ought, and as long as he ought, is praised.’

“Anger is like electricity,” Gandhi said.  “It serves a useful and powerful purpose if it is used properly.  But it is dangerous if abused and not directed safely.”

“There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.”  – Nelson Mandela

“Change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability, but comes through continuous struggle. And so we must straighten our backs and work for our freedom. A man can’t ride you unless your back is bent.” Martin Luther King Jr.

Mars in aspect to the Sun,

If this energy is used properly the individual is driven to create a strong sense of self by using their passion and anger to live up to their highest expectations of themselves whether that be speaking up about injustice or using their talents to optimum effect. The Sun with the moon rules the third chakra which is all about creating a positive sense of who we are – we do this by following our own value judgements and living by those principles.  Individuals with this aspect may find a strong sense of their own worth through working for the rights and benefits of others.  When we have a good sense of our own worth we get angry if that is not appreciated by others and we demand the respect and or pay that we deserve, the development of appropriate self esteem and respect helps the flow of energy here to reach a purpose if we do not value our worth the energy of the kundalini recedes once more.  In valuing our worth we use the drive and passion of Mars energy to create a reflection of our values and beliefs in society through our children and / or work.

Mars in aspect to the Moon,

if this energy is properly used the individual is driven to create a strong sense of identity as part of a contributor to family and community and a valued member of both.  Mars here drives us to seek unity with others and form bonds and common goals, it is unlikely as an individual to be able to create and sustain a school yet as a community we do this along with hospitals and other amenities.  When local hospital services are threatened it is the shared anger of the community that often stops the action in its tracks.  Mars here is a powerful motivator for change when used appropriately.

Mars in aspect to Mercury,

if this energy is properly used it must be processed through the heart chakra before reaching the throat chakra.  The heart chakra ensures that the energy of compassion and altruism is completely unified. Compassion means suffer with or to be unified in passion / anger with another. When we unite our passion / anger with others we are motivated to speak out to demand justice and fairness for all.  At its best use this energy gives us the strength to speak out against the many for the rights of the few.  Uncontrolled this is the verbal expression of anger, many people either vent physically or vocally and inability to express anger verbally or complete verbal expression of uncontrolled anger may be indicated.

Mars in aspect to Venus,

Here the raw passion of anger is converted combined with the energy of unconditional universal love, at its best this allows us to create a force for good in the world and provides the necessary energy for change.  Love always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.  Love never fails.  Utopian societies in fiction often descend into dystopia by the loss of love, ideals followed without regard to the original purpose so that they begin to oppose the ideas they once represented. This energy must always be present for society to remain just and fair and we all play our part in ensuring it remains the basis of society and the law.

Mars in aspect to Jupiter,

is all about combining the dynamic and vital energy of Mars with Jupiter to promote growth of the chakra system.  This creates an energy that when stable is able to energise the whole of the chakras and create a strong Kundalini energy.  This aspect is very powerful and will be a driving force in the individual’s life although they may struggle early on to control and focus this energy as they mature they usually develop the strength and stability needed to harness this energy.  Here Mars is using its passion to create the inner structure and strength necessary to support that passion constructively.

Mars in aspect to Saturn,

if Saturn represents the strength and stability of the root system, Mars represents the nutrients that flows or the energy that is capable of flowing through the tree and it is proportional to the stability and strength of the roots. Saturn here is all about strengthening the root system to allow this energy to flow better and enrich the whole tree.  In order for this energy to have maximum effect its systems need to be strong and secure and Saturn enables this energy to reach its maximum potential by creating a strong system.  Saturn gives structure to the passion and directs its flow.

Mars in aspect to Uranus,

denotes the opportunity to balance the needs of the physical body that all life shares with the development of unconditional love and wisdom for all humanity individuals have the opportunity to use their unconditional love and wisdom to create a better environment where the needs of others in regards to food and shelter especially are understood as being of primary importance to their spiritual development as well as their physical.  The Muladhara is the foundation energy and base of all the chakra energies when this chakra is strong and stable it provides a secure foundation from which the other chakras can develop and grow.  The Muladhara is ruled by Mars and Saturn, Uranus in aspect to Mars gives vitality and energy that stems from the root chakra and ascends through the chakras to the heart and throat chakra giving the opportunity to strengthen and vitalise both the heart and throat chakra.  There is the opportunity to be very proactive in spreading a message of uncoditional love and wisdom to our fellow man.

Mars in aspect to Neptune,

denotes understanding the precious gift of life and the opportunity to walk the same path as our ancestors, we are alive and part of mother earth that physically being part of the living earth is a precious and great gift that offers us the unique ability to feel the wind upon our skin and taste the rain on our lips.  There is the opportunity here to teach others that life is a precious resource that must not be wasted and to help them live life to the fullest.  The knowledge that we have lived a fulfilling and rich life prepares us to understand it is time for that precious opportunity to end and to accept the next stage without regret of missed opportunities and untaken chances in life. The soul has the opportunity to understand it has done what it came to do and that this wondrous experience will travel with them in the love and passion they share as part of the universal light.  Neptune here is bringing the energies of the 1st chakra into focus and defining their purpose in relation to understanding the precious gift of life.

Mars in aspect to Pluto,

denotes learning to appreciate the gift of life and recognising the need to value the experiences life offers us as precious.  The soul has the opportunity to understand the passionate expressions and desires felt are part of the gift of life.  The senses are only felt as part of life even pain itself is unique to living, breathing beings, the delight in physically being and the senses may be strong and the instinctual protection of that life and ability.  The instinct to create new life and to be a complete part of the circle of life may also be strong.  The individual has the opportunity to understand that life is a precious gift and every moment of it should be used to its fullest advantage.



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