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Jupiter with Pluto rules the 2nd chakra the Swadhisthana, one’s own abode or one’s own base. To best understand this Chakra and the importance of Jupiter we have to understand it in relation to Pluto and the Chakras.

The second chakra represents our base, the root chakra is all about our foundations and the base chakra represents what is built upon them. It can also be seen as the base of the tree trunk from which the trunk grows and expands.  The trunk begins life as a shoot growing towards the light its base under the soil pushes up through the earth towards the sky in search of the energy of the light. The growth of the shoot is dependent on the growth and stability of its roots (Saturn) and the nutrients received (Mars).  If all the energy is put into growth and the roots are weak then the shoot will grow fast but fail to flourish.

Assuming the shoot and roots are stable the shoot can begin to produce a few branches, this is the energy of the third chakra and the shape or form these branches take and develop are dependent on the Sun and moon.  The more stable the root and shoot become the more they grow stronger until the shoot becomes a trunk that can support growth of the branches and off shoots.  All these branches are designed to form leaves (Heart chakra).  The more abundant the branches the more leaves they can produce.  The flow of nutrients or energy through the trunk to the branches determines the ability of the leaf to perform the alchemy of creation through the energy of light.

This alchemy created in the heart chakra produces fruit, the fruit of the 5th chakra.  The fruit of the throat chakra is wisdom and within this fruit are the seeds of the 6th and 7th chakras.  The purpose of fruit is the dispersal and fertilisation of the seeds.  The fruit of the 5th chakra must be desirable to spread those seeds and for them to develop.  Or in other words the greater the wisdom the more nourished the 6th and 7th chakra are. The 6th chakra or the Ajna is ruled by Pluto and Neptune and it is the journey from the trunk to the seed of the Ajna that determines our lives.  The Ajna represents wisdom, intuition and intellect combined.  The Ajna is there to help us reach an understanding of the purpose of our lives.  This is through insight into what we have learnt in the trials we have faced, the love we have encountered and shared and what we have contributed to the world around us.  The Ajna also offers insights into the spiritual world and our journey back towards the light.  when the seed of the Ajna is nourished and developed we have an understanding of our purpose in life, what we can accomplish and our place in the circle of life.  Many people focus on the Ajna without understanding that it is the tree that bears the fruit, and the fruit that nourishes the seed.

The dynamic energy of Mars rises through the root chakra and combines with the energy of Jupiter in the base Chakra to create a dynamic, expanding energy that feeds the development of all the other chakras.  This is the energy of growth and creation.  Development of the Ajna Chakra or third eye starts here.

Jupiter in aspect to the Sun,

is all about developing self-esteem and self actualisation through the third chakra.  Through self belief and confidence in our talents and abilities we are capable of accomplishing the impossible in life.  Jupiter here helps energize and boost the creative energies of the sun to encourage our self-expression.  This energy helps us to be more positive about who we are and have faith to reach out for the stars and stretch those branches upwards.  Here the joy of being alive and the sense of wonder at the world around us is magnified and often finds expression through art forms or work with children / natural world.

Jupiter in aspect to the moon,

is all about developing faith in the bonds of family and our connection to the land and culture of our ancestors.  Through the third chakra we realise we are guardians of the land just as our ancestors were and we continue in their footsteps.  This energy helps us create branches that reach out to the world around us in faith that we are all interconnected and interdependent.  We have the opportunity of realising the possibilities of the human family working as one.  Here the Joy of being alive and sense of wonder develops a strong connection to nature and the wonders of the universe.

Jupiter in Aspect to Mercury,

is all about the creation of the fruit of wisdom in the 5th chakra, that gives vitality and energy to wisdom that it may nourish the seeds of the 6th and 7th chakras.  Through the 5th chakra we realise the potential of wisdom and knowledge in sowing the seeds of change within society as a whole.  This energizes individuals to speak out for the benefit of mankind especially against injustice and abuse of power.  Here there is a sense of faith in the ability of mankind to develop equality and justice in all communities and to make the world a more compassionate and just place to live.

Jupiter in aspect to Venus,

is all about growth of the heart chakra and the use of alchemy to combine the energy of unconditional love and the spirit with the energy of the earth and nature to produce the fruit of wisdom.  Here to powerful energies combine and create fruit in abundance which is there to be shared with the world and the rest of mankind.  This magnifies the power of love and compassion to change the world around it.  Here the faith in the power of love and compassion to overcome past pain and inequality is strong and a driving force in the individual’s life.

Jupiter in aspect to Mars,

is all about combining the dynamic and vital energy of Mars with Jupiter to promote growth of the chakra system.  This creates an energy that when stable is able to energies the whole of the chakras and create a strong Kundalini energy.  This aspect is very powerful and will be a driving force in the individual’s life although they may struggle early on to control and focus this energy as they mature they usually develop the strength and stability needed to harness this energy.

Jupiter in aspect to Saturn,

is all about balancing the need for growth with the need for stability.  This balancing forces both growth and stability to work together to create a strong and stable Kundalini.  This creates a strong and stable root and base from which growth will be long-lasting and fruitful throughout the individual’s life.  This encourages the development of structure within the chakras that allows for the kundalini to flow unimpeded.  The second chakra the Swadhisthana is where the creative energy of mother earth begins to flow upwards since it receives the creative energy directly from the roots this chakra is deeply connected to fertility, both in the form of sexual energy and in the sense that what nutrients or energy flows through this chakra are the ones that create the fruits of the final chakras.

Jupiter in aspect to Uranus,

denotes the opportunity to develop the understanding of being part of the natural cycle and the process of creation as part of the inner wisdom of life and the wonder of living.  Jupiter and Pluto rule the 2nd chakra the Swadhisthana.  Western kabbalists make the kabbalistic association of Swadhisthana with the Sephirah Yesod, Yesod is also associated with the sexual organs. Its function in the tree of life is to gather the different energies that have been created in the descent of the tree downwards and distribute them to Malkuth, the material world, where the energy can find physical expression.  The energy of creation, life and mother earth is seated in the 2nd chakra and Jupiter in aspect to Uranus give the opportunity to understand the potential of life and to develop love for our fellow-man and wisdom based on the understanding of our shared wisdom and love made material.  Those with this aspect may feel very close to nature and mother earth as well as having the opportunity to develop strong healing potential through words and love.

Jupiter in aspect to Neptune,

denotes understanding the miracle of life and the wonders of the world that surround us, we are alive and in a world filled with wonders and natural miracles that inspire awe and faith.  The recognition of the wonders of life and the beauty that surrounds us helps us to appreciate the great opportunity we have as living beings and inspires us to respect mother earth as the source of wonder and amazement.  There is the opportunity to share this wonder and enthusiasm with others and when we enrich their world by sharing the joy and miraculous wonders with them they are also able to share their joy and wonder with us and we connect with each other as being exceptionally gifted to have shared the experience of living.  The soul has the opportunity to explore the many wonders of the world around it and to fill itself with awe inspired memories of nature, children and family that become part of the soul itself and travel with it on the next step of the journey, having experienced this joy and wonder it is easier for it to accept it has had its full share and can move on without regrets of what it has missed.  Neptune here is bringing the energies of the 2nd chakra into focus and defining their purpose in relation to understanding the precious gift of life is miraculous and awe-inspiring part of who we are and all growth starts from this point of awe and wonder.

Jupiter in aspect to Pluto,

denotes the appreciation and joy the soul feels in recognising it is alive, it has a body and can experience the miracle of life.  The soul often expresses this joy by indulging in the senses, touch, smell, taste, sound and vision are gifts of life and here the soul often marvels at the wonderous and awe-inspiring delight they can bring.  The soul recognises the wonders that surrounds it and often feels pure joy simply in living and being. This enthusiasm leads it to want to connect with other souls who share this joy and wonder.  The individual here has the opportunity to express their joy and passion for life with others and to renew their wonder by experiencing the many natural miracles of life.  this joy and wonder creates a base for the energies of the kundalini to grow and develop energizing all the chakras.

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