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aquarius moon

Photograph courtesy of Roger Hunter Photography Ayrshire

Lady Luna dons the sky blue robe of Aquarius the altruist  as she and Uranus ask us to put ourselves in the shoes of others this full moon.  With Uranus Sextile the full moon in Aquarius and trine the Sun and Mercury in Leo we are being asked to contemplate the events of recent weeks; with Gaza, Ukraine and the centenary of WWI being the focus of attention.  We are being asked to go beyond our normal concerns and to reflect upon the world around us.  With Saturn square both the Sun, Mercury and the Moon we are being grounded in the reality of the consequences of the choices we all make as part of humanity.

Take this time to reflect on the bigger picture in life and what inheritance we leave future generations.  This full moon is the biggest of the year and is a reminder that even in the darkest times the light of hope, compassion and love never truly leaves us.  This is especially true of this full moon when Venus is conjunct Varuna in Cancer – the moon’s sign; Varuna God of water and the celestial oceans as well as morals is said to have the stars of the sky as all seeing eyes and this full moon he will be inspiring all of us to look within our own hearts and reconnect with the light of love and compassion.

Full moon in August at:

SYDNEY = Monday * 11th August 2014 * 04:09:24 am (AEST)
TOKYO = Monday * 11th August 2014 * 03:09:24 am (JST)
BEIJING = Monday * 11th August 2014 * 02:09:24 am (CST)
BANGKOK = Monday * 11th August 2014 * 01:09:24 am (ICT)
DELHI = Sunday * 10th August 2014 * 11:39:24 pm (IST)
MOSCOW = Sunday * 10th August 2014 * 10:09:24 pm (MSK)
RIYADH = Sunday * 10th August 2014 * 09:09:24 pm (AST)
BERLIN = Sunday * 10th August 2014 * 08:09:24 pm (CEST)
LONDON = Sunday * 10th August 2014 * 07:09:24 pm (BST)
RIO = Sunday * 10th August 2014 * 03:09:24 pm (BRT)
NEW YORK = Sunday * 10th August 2014 * 02:09:24 pm (EDT)
MEXICO CITY = Sunday * 10th August 2014 * 01:09:24 pm (CDT)
LOS ANGELES = Sunday * 10th August 2014 * 11:09:24 am (PDT)
HONOLULU = Sunday * 10th August 2014 * 08:09:24 am (HAST)


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