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Karl Marx was a philosopher whose writings with Engels created modern Marxism, the ideas of Marx and Engels existed before Marx but he helped explain how a Marxist revolution was inevitable within society the minute the proletariat realised the bourgeoisie were surplus to requirement and described the conditions under which this would take place.  The end point of Marxism is anarchy, the dissolution of the state and the political elite as only then is true equality achieved. Hitler in ‘Mein Kampf ‘stated that true democracy ultimately leads to Marxism – Sarah Palin’s redistribution of the money made by oil companies to the Alaskan population in compensation is the reason why she enjoyed an approval rating over 80% regardless whether the population agreed with any other of her policies even though right-wing it is the most socialist policy ever put into action by an American politician.

Marx’s view of religion especially organised religion was that it was a symptom of a disease which is the capitalist neo-feudalist system.  Religion is a means to distract people from their suffering by diverting their attention and desires towards an afterlife where all the wrongs of society will be righted instead of correcting society’s wrongs in this life.

Marx in the natal chart denotes our sense of social justice and desire for equality.

Marx in aspect to the sun denotes a strong altruistic streak and an advocate for equal rights,

Marx in aspect to the Moon denotes a strong believe in the human family as one and equality and human rights for all

Marx in aspect to Mercury denotes strong ability to reason the fairness of our actions and whether they support equality or are biased

Marx in aspect to Venus denotes strong compassion and understanding for the under dogs in life

Marx in aspect to Mars indicates strong political activism, whether that is human rights, or the environment

Marx in aspect to Jupiter strong belief in creating a fair and equal society for all

Marx in aspect to Saturn denotes ability to put ideals of equality into practical use



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