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Emmanuel Kant was a philosopher whose writings created a field of ethics known as Kantian ethics. Basics of his ethics are: one must not treat an individual as a means to an end but rather as a means in themselves, there is nothing which is truly good except good will which is the adherence to ones moral duties regardless of egotistical concepts and other such factors, moral codes should be universal meaning applicable in every situation regardless of context. He also believed man could work out what was moral without being dictated to by the state or the church.

Kant in the natal chart thus concerns our ethical outlook on life, our sense of responsibility and duty to others.

Kant in aspect to sun denotes strong moral personality, in which the person follows their conscience whatever the consequence to themselves or others.

Kant in aspect to the moon denotes strong sense of duty and responsibility to ones family and community

Kant in aspect to Mercury indicates a strong moral code founded on the person’s experiences and reason which the person follows regardless of other’s opinions

Kant in aspect to Venus indicates a strong sense of respect for the rights of everyone and a considerate nature that sees all perspectives

Kant in aspect to Mars indicates a drive to live up to ones duties and responsibilities in life and to work for the betterment of all concerned

Kant in aspect to Jupiter indicates a strong belief in our own moral codes and reasoning

Kant in aspect to Saturn indicates strong sense of duty and responsibility to others throughout life



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