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Sekhmet means the powerful one and was an Egyptian Lioness Goddess. Just as Jesus was called the Lion of Judah, in Islamic traditions Ali Ibn Abu Talibis called the “Lion of God” (Asadullah) by Shiite Muslims, Hamzah, the uncle of Muhammad, was also called Lion of God. The Lion symbolises strength of conviction, bravery and power but it also in conjunction with Goddesses shows a strong maternal instinct and protective nature.  The duality of this asteroid between the holy man and the brave warrior is understood in the sense of power that both have to change lives of their people for the better by the strength of their conviction.

Sekhmet in aspect to Sun denotes a powerful personality and strength of moral conviction.

Sekhmet in aspect to moon denotes strong protective and maternal instinct as well as strength to nurture and protect their community from harm.

Sekhmet in aspect to Mercury denotes a powerful thinker with gifted philosophical abilities

Sekhmet in aspect to Venus denotes the individual may have strong healing capacities and strong protective instinct

Sekhmet in aspect to Mars denotes a powerful and brave warrior prepared to take a stance alone if necessary in fighting injustice


Posted August 2, 2014 by neptune's Aura Astrology in Egyptian Asteroids

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