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Isis is connected to the flooding of the Nile, which fertilised the Nile delta by depositing nutrient rich soil.  In the mythology of Isis, Osiris and Horus there are various themes, Isis gathers all of the parts of Osiris this gathering of the parts is a symbolic reunification of the Egyptian people themselves and Egypt which at various points in history has been invaded.  Isis reunites and creates a whole nation once more the birth of Horus is a rebirth of Osiris, Egypt and its people and represents a renewal of strength and purpose.  Isis and Osiris are both connected to funerary rites, where the message of rebirth and regeneration were important themes.

Isis therefore in the natal chart exerts an influence of renewal, rebirth, fruition and  the nurturing of creativity, talent, family, community and the environment especially the natural cycle of birth, death and regeneration over which she rules.  Isis also symbolises the milk of human kindness which when shared unites us all as one human family as well as faithfulness, consistency and determination.

Isis in aspect to the Sun will indicate a strong nurturing and creative nature as well as loyalty and compassion for others.  These individuals are likely to be peacemakers.

Isis in aspect to the Moon will indicate a strong tie to the family and community in which they play a strong nurturing and supportive role working for the good of all.

Isis in aspect to Mercury will convey a strong understanding of the natural world, a creativity in speaking or writing as well as an attraction to altruistic ideals.

Isis in aspect to Venus will indicate a strong emotional connection to ideas of universal love and compassion for all, this also denotes emotional rebirth throughout life as the person rises anew from past traumas learning to trust once more in the fundamental goodness of humanity.

Isis in aspect to Mars denotes a strong drive to make a fundamental difference for good in the world and an attraction to environmental concerns and human rights issues.

Isis in aspect to Jupiter denotes faith in spiritual rebirth and rejuvenation of ideals and values throughout life.

Isis in aspect to Saturn denotes a strong connection to the earth and nature, and a stable nurturing figure that many see as reliable and there in times of crisis.


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