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Ceres Conjunct Pluto in Virgo 1st House

Ceres represents our mother, nurturing and justice. Ceres gave her name to cereal and was an ancient Cereal Goddess as was Virgo who represents Demeter, Ceres, Ninlil – mother earth in her various forms as the provider of our daily bread. Having Ceres conjunct Pluto in Virgo means this individual’s soul is centred in the energy of earth mother. Ceres in the 1st house means this individual naturally takes on a nurturing, caring role throughout their life.


Pallas in Leo 12th house square Moon in Taurus 9th house

Pallas Athene is the Greek goddess of Wisdom also represented by asteroid Athene, pallas square the moon is a dynamic aspect that drives the individual to grow and develop emotionally through the trials and tribulations of life. This aspect denotes the ability to see life as a learning experience through which spiritual wisdom is gained in the trials and ordeals we undergo.


Juno in Virgo 2nd house Trine the Midheaven, sextile Neptune in Scorpio in 4th house

Juno was the Wife of Jupiter and in the natal chart she represents marriage, Juno in these aspects denote a sadness in childhood where the individual may possibly have had to mother themselves, through marriage the individual’s emotional needs are finally met by another and this denotes a strong and stable marriage where the couple involved show a strong united front together whatever storms they have to weather.


Vesta in Virgo 2nd house conjunct Neptune and North Node of the Moon Midpoint

Vesta is the Guardian of the internal flame or spirit that dwells inside us all. Vesta on the midpoint between Neptune and the North Node is a very spiritual aspect denoting the individual’s ability and need to understand their life in terms of spiritual lessons and the spiritual path they were born to follow. Neptune denotes the spiritual trials and lessons of life, the North Node denotes the energy we are learning to incorporate in this life, both of these in the natal chart have strong connections to family and mother. Here the individual is learning about all aspects of the family and parenthood from traumas in their own childhood and others to becoming a responsible parent themselves this aspect of their life is an important one.


Nessus in Gemini 10th house conjunct the Sun and Jupiter / North Node Midpoint

Nessus was a centaur in mythology, Hercules shot Nessus with an arrow resulting in his death but with his dying breath Nessus told Dejaneira (Hercules wife) that his blood would prevent Hercules ever becoming unfaithful. Dejaneira spread the centaur’s blood on Hercules shirt and the painful burns it caused made Hercules to throw himself on a funeral pyre. Nessus represents bad blood in the natal chart, Nessus in Gemini in 10th house may indicate that bad blood in connection to things said or done in public that have had an impact on family especially children could be an issue especially in connection to a lack of control or inability to see other perspectives.


Eros in Aquarius 6th house square Venus in Taurus 9th house

Psyche in Scorpio 4th house conjunct Neptune

Eros was the son of Venus, in mythology Venus became Jealous of Psyche and ordered Eros to kill her however Eros fell in love with psyche. Eros then abducted Psyche and married her but would only appear at night when she could not see his face, Psyche following the advice of her jealous sisters decided to shine a lamp onto her husband’s face during the night to see who he was, she was shocked to see Eros and in her surprise spilt hot oil onto Eros wakening him up. Eros burnt and angry fled back to his mother Venus. Psyche searched for him before seeking Venus’s advice, Venus had Psyche whipped by her handmaidens Worry and sadness. Venus then set Psyche seemingly impossible tasks which she performs before she and Eros are reunited.


Eros and Psyche are representations of different parts of our consciousness, Eros represents desires that often lie hidden in the unconscious until the Psyche begins to shine a light they often propel us to act in unconscious fashion. Psyche in scorpio in the 4th house conjunct Neptune means you are well aware of underlying desires that can drive our behavior and part of your life path is learning how these unconscious needs and desires often motivate us. Eros square Venus in your chart means you have a dynamic understanding of how your own desires are driven by unconscious needs from childhood that often manifest in us trying to manipulate or use power games in relationships something you consciously avoid doing because you are very aware of the dangerous games these activities lead to. For you these themes and patterns play an important role in your life as you will be placed in many situations where these themes dominate events.


Fides in Virgo conjunct Juno trine Midheaven

Fides is where fidelity and faith derive their name, Fides conjunct Juno indicates faithfulness within marriage and a belief in facing the trials of life together as a couple this is an aspect that indicates great belief in the vows and responsibilities of marriage towards each other and family.

Hera in Cancer 11th conjunct Mercury, Mars midpoint square Jupiter in Aries

Hera was the wife of Zeus in mythology, in the natal chart she represent matriarchal women in positions of authority in the individuals life at some point. Hera in the natal chart often represents over critical female influences in an individual’s life. Hera in Cancer represent the desire to be free of criticism within the home environment as a child, the individual still may intense emotional memories of criticism which was hurtful and abusive and which they believed at the time. This is always going to be a particular sore point with this individual although as they age they will become more philosophical and better able to see that the anger that was manifested had nothing to do with them but issues in the other person’s life that were unresolved.


Hestia in Cancer 11th house sextile moon in Taurus

Hestia is the Greek equivalent of Vesta and as such represents the inner flame or spirit in the natal chart. Hestia in Cancer in aspect to its ruler the moon denotes that the family is the source of much joy and the central focus of this individual’s life. This individual will always be able to relate to her children whatever age they are and whatever they choose to do with their lives. In fact sometimes the relationship with their children becomes stronger after they have grown up and left the home as the children appreciate more their values that were installed during childhood.


Athene in Scorpio 4th house square Saturn in Aquarius 6th house

Athene is the Goddess of Wisdom this aspect denotes wisdom gained from intense experiences in childhood or around family, and square Saturn this dynamic drove the individual to strive to create a stable environment free from the influences of manipulation and power games. This individuals experience enable them to help and support others who are the victim of such manipulation and use the wisdom gained to positively enrich others lives.


Minerva in Pisces 8th house Conjunct Chiron and Jupiter, Saturn midpoint

Minerva is the Roman equivalent of Athena, Minerva in this position indicates great wisdom as a healer of traumatized souls. Chiron is the wounded healer of the natal chart and as such you have achieved much wisdom and incite through your own wounds that you can relate to others in similar situations yourself, Jupiter in the natal chart represents our outlook on life, our hopes and dreams, whilst Saturn represents the realities of the world and our responsibilities. Athene conjunct the midpoint means you have wisdom in balancing your dreams and hopes with the realities and responsibilities that you face making you neither an optimist or pessimist but a true realist.


Fortuna in Aries 8th house square Felicitas in Cancer 11th house and sextile Eros in Aquarius

Fortuna as the name suggests is the Goodess of good fortune and Felicitas of happiness, the asteroids in dynamic aspect in the natal chart brings the person luck and happiness through their own dynamism. Fortuna gives you the drive and energy to continue through the darkest hours when others would simply give up, you use your family to draw the energy you need when times are tough if all else fails you continue for them. Fortuna sextile Eros gives you the luck in your love relationships when you use your dynamic energy to dazzle those around you.


Tyche in Aquarius 6th house semi-square Fortuna

Tyche is the Greek equivalent of Fortuna and this aspect creates a dynamic of constantly changing fortune when one door closes another seems to open up from nowhere in your life making you move forever forward and onwards in your life journey.


Hekate in Cancer 11th house conjunct Hera and square Jupiter in Aries

Hekate rules moonless sky at night she is Goddess of mysticism and magic. In the natal chart Hekate shows how we connect with the other world, conjunct Hera your Hekate shows a powerful ability to connect with the other realm and this ability is further heightened by the dynamic aspect to Jupiter which increases this energy when working in faith related areas such as healing and and empathic understanding.


Sophia in Cancer 11th house conjunct Hestia

Sophia is a pagan Goddess of wisdom, she is also worshipped by Gnostics, Hagia Sophia is the Holy Spirit of Christianity. Sophia conjunct Hestia in the chart is an indicator that this persons inner spirit is in tune with the Holy Spirit and that they are blessed as a parent with wisdom and understanding.


Wisdom in Taurus 10th house opposite Neptune in Scorpio

This aspect indicates that your spiritual lessons in life are at an advanced stage and therefore you may experience more than others in your lifetime as your soul has developed the ability to cope and evolve more than many others, this lifetime’s trials may lead to you being called upon as a spiritual teacher or as a spokesperson for the less fortunate in life.




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