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Asteroid Kleopatra is named after the famous Queen.  A key point in understanding Kleopatra is the chart is understanding that to the Egyptians Kleopatra was not queen of Egypt but Queen of all as other races were considered less, this meant she had absolute authority and was considered a Goddess in human form that was sent to rule the world.  This asteroid therefore on a basic level represents where we see ourselves as infallible Gods or Goddesses and struggle to see our flaws.

However there is much more to Kleopatra than this, Kleopatra was co ruler with her brother they took opposing sides with Kleopatra taking the view that the best position was to form an alliance with Rome and her brother believing they should fight for independence. This lead to Kleopatra committing what some would consider as treason in order to gain control of the throne.  However her sister Asinoe almost killed Caesar and he had to swim for his life before returning to Egypt with a larger army.  Asinoe was chained and dragged to Rome where she was meant to be killed in front of the Roman crowd for entertainment.  This backfired and the crowd were enraged Caesar then quietened the crowd by having her imprisoned in the temple of Artemis in Ephesis where she could claim sanctuary and be safe from harm but could not leave.  However after Caesars death Kleopatra broke the sacredness of the sanctuary by asking Mark Anthony  to drag her out of the temple and have her murdered.

In short Kleopatra gives great strength and charisma where ever it is placed in the chart, however it makes us blind to our faults and flaws which can lead us to breaking moral and legal codes and laws in order to fulfill our own ambitions in life regardless of the effects on others.

In aspect to the sun it creates a strong, magnetic and dynamic if somewhat ruthless personality capable of charming others.

In aspect to the moon it indicates a strong maternal influence from which the individual shares a lot of character traits and perspectives.

In aspect to Venus the individual may be very charming but capable of manipulating others easily and they may have many lessons in their life where they reap the unintended consequences of such actions.

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