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Astrology ia an ancient art that like all things has changed over thousands of years. Basically all astrology is based on positions of planets.  Planets like us are real, they are not abstract ideas but physical bodies that move in orbit around the sun. This is the real aspect of astrology, the rest is assumptions, beliefs and personal bias.

Through time these assumptions have evolved and hopefully for mankinds sake they will evolve more.  Evolution doesn’t mean better as astrology has evolved it has embraced both negative and positive ideologies. This is something I hope to address in part here. 

Firstly lets look at the positive side,  astrology has lost some of the rigidity of the past.The black and white interpretation is hopefully a thing of the past and the realisation that instead of ppositive and negative aspects we realise that all aspects contain positive and negative in equal proportion. Astrology has adapted to modern life which it has to in order to remain relevant. However this is its downfall too it has adapted to a consumer society where  buy one get one free mysticism is bought today and discarded tomorrow for the latest version.  Astrology  is not a mobile phone, and unless effort is made to maintain the important wisdom of our ancestors there is a danger of replacing wisdom with nonsensical clichés that lack thought.

We like never before in human history have a high propensity for naval gazing and wrapping this self absorption in nonsense as a justification for our narcissism.  Astrology was never meant to be used in this way, yes it can provide deep insight but at its best it provides guidance on using our talents for the good of all.  Astrology was meant to be used in conjunction with life in the real world. As astrology deals with the reality of life it contains something ancient at its centre the planet earth which is dying under our consumerism and we need to be mindful that astrology’s centre is as fragile as it is beautiful and should be protected. 

This doesn’t mean there is no place for beliefs in astrology rather that these beliefs should be able to withstand logical and moral questions without falling apart. 


Posted July 13, 2014 by neptune's Aura Astrology in Book review, interviews

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