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Pluto has the longest journey of the outer planets through the Kundalini and the reason for this is it represents our soul’s journey from the moment of birth through to the acceptance of death.  Pluto’s journey begins at the second chakra where the recognition of being alive and what that means to be part of the natural cycle of life begins. It journey’s through the third chakra where it realises it is unique with its own inner thoughts and emotions that are separate from others to the fourth where it has the opportunity to feel the connection to the universal unconditional love that is available to all.  From here it realises this unconditional love gives it access to wisdom and understanding of the fifth chakra before its final destination at the 6th chakra where it realises the inner potential it shares with all of humanity as a living and spiritual being here the soul has the opportunity to come to terms with its faults and imperfections in preparation for death where it can join the universal love once more.

It is important to note that the soul is perfect and is a mirror image of the universal unconditional love that some call God.  It cannot be born at different stages of development as perfection cannot be improved upon.  Your soul is not called to perfect but to understand the importance of the journey, to learn different lessons and put these experiences into practice to help others on the journey through life, to help heal the wounds their soul may have experienced and to heal your own.

The sign, house and aspects that Pluto makes all highlight this journey and the potential opportunities it has for growth as it passes these stages of life.  Dynamic aspects with Pluto and other Planets / Nodes denote powerful opportunities to learn and evolve that may be hard for the individual but will give them many talents and gifts they may develop.  Harmonious aspects also give these opportunities but are less intense experiences that the soul goes through.

Pluto in aspect to the sun,

denotes learning the importance of realising our need to be valued and appreciated by others, of the need to find balance between the needs of the ego and the need to connect to the universal love that bonds and unites us as one.  The gift of this aspect is an awareness of the ego as a necessary part of who we are that must be viewed honestly if we are to develop an ability to open our heart and love unconditionally the divine spirit that resides in us all.  The ego is necessary part of our humanity but it must be developed and nurtured appropriately for it can usurp the energy of the heart chakra and starve its development.  Here there is the opportunity to understand the need to feel valued and appreciated is part of the need to feel loved unconditionally and that this love is not dependent in what we accomplish in life but in being born human.

Pluto in aspect to moon,

denotes learning the importance of emotions and connections to those we love.  This is a necessary stage in which the soul learns the pain of love, loss, birth and death.  Through understanding the fear of loss and the separation from loved ones, the soul understand the preciousness of the time we have together on earth and the importance of showing love and affection to those close to us.  This understanding of the importance of love for the development of loved ones ego and self-confidence gives us greater insight into our own development.  The soul has the opportunity of understanding the power of unconditional love through the family.

Pluto in aspect to mercury,

denotes learning an understanding off the purpose of spiritual wisdom or the wisdom of unconditional love.  The soul learns that it already knows all it ever needed to know, that it was born with inner wisdom and that it must quieten the negative voice that says it can’t and learn to trust the voice that tells it; it already knows the answers, that they reside deep within them already.  The soul learns to trust that what they need to know will be revealed to them and that what is not revealed is not meant for them to know.  The opportunity to understand that unconditional universal love is the source of all wisdom and we all have an access to that wisdom when needed may be developed here and much insight reached.  The soul has the potential of understanding that we were all born enlightened, that this knowledge was always inside of them.

Pluto in aspect to Venus,

denotes learning to accept our insecurities as humans and to recognise the power of unconditional love to heal those fears and wounds.  The soul has the opportunity to develop its capacity to love and to heal itself through accessing the universal unconditional love it senses.  The soul has the opportunity to understand the importance of love in remaining spiritually alive, only through access to universal love can the soul heal and develop.  Once the soul has accessed this energy it is able to heal and aid others whose souls have been injured through life.


Pluto in aspect to Mars,

denotes learning to appreciate the gift of life and recognising the need to value the experiences life offers us as precious.  The soul has the opportunity to understand the passionate expressions and desires felt are part of the gift of life.  The senses are only felt as part of life even pain itself is unique to living, breathing beings, the delight in physically being and the senses may be strong and the instinctual protection of that life and ability.  The instinct to create new life and to be a complete part of the circle of life may also be strong.  The individual has the opportunity to understand that life is a precious gift and every moment of it should be used to its fullest advantage.

Pluto in aspect to Jupiter,

denotes the appreciation and joy the soul feels in recognising it is alive, it has a body and can experience the miracle of life.  The soul often expresses this joy by indulging in the senses, touch, smell, taste, sound and vision are gifts of life and here the soul often marvels at the wonderous and awe-inspiring delight they can bring.  The soul recognises the wonders that surrounds it and often feels pure joy simply in living and being. This enthusiasm leads it to want to connect with other souls who share this joy and wonder.  The individual here has the opportunity to express their joy and passion for life with others and to renew their wonder by experiencing the many natural miracles of life.

Pluto in aspect Saturn,

denotes the ability to reach the realisation that they are alive and from birth they feel the intense drive to breath, the pain of cold air against skin and the warmth of their mother’s touch.  The soul realises it is in a physical body and feels the intense needs to eat, sleep and be warm.  The soul understands that when it falls it hurts that to be alive is to be physically connected to pain and pleasure.  The soul here is very aware of the physical world around them and that the consequences of their actions and those of others have real effects.  The individual here has the opportunity to help others realise that all we do has consequences for others.  These individuals can help others to consider the effects their actions have on the world around them.

Pluto in aspect to Uranus,

denotes the ability to reach the realisation that whilst we are all unique we are all connected and one through the origins of our soul in the universal unconditional love it was created from.  The soul realises that it is not physical in being but is created from pure love and can access the love that created it, that it can heal its wounds through this connection and remain eternally alive.  the soul here learns to understand that it is perfect containing the love and wisdom from which it came from and learns to express and share this love and wisdom with others.  The individual here has the opportunity to share the love and wisdom of their soul with others and to experience the wisdom and love of others.

Pluto in aspect to Neptune,

Pluto ends its journey with Neptune at the 6th chakra, this aspect denotes learning to balance the many aspects of being physically alive with the progression towards returning to the light of eternal love that was the source of our soul.  This is a journey we take through out our lives and it reflects the stages of childhood and adult life through which we progress and develop as children, parents siblings and contributors to society we are constantly changing and reflecting.  This aspect takes a lifetime of trials and lessons after which the soul must be prepared to leave this physical world behind.  This aspect is very common because we all face death and the soul is more prepared if it feels it has made a difference, either through raising offspring or by contributing to society.

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