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How developing an understanding of your planets and their aspects helps unlock the energy of the Kundalini.  The Kundalini is split into two types of energy the first is the energy of life, this is the energy that expresses what it is like to be alive and part of a living dynamic earth it is equal and as important as the second energy that of the spirit.

first chakra or energy is Muladhara, this connects us to the earth as our mother, gives us an understanding of the precious gift of life.  The Muladhara is the awareness that we are alive, that this is precious and temporary.  This energy is the energy of Mars and Saturn, we are alive and what we do has real effects and consequences, we feel real pain, happiness, sadness and misery.  Mars rules our fight or flight energy which is a large part of the Muladhara energy the realisation that life is impermanent and we need to take steps to remain alive by avoiding danger or fighting for life itself.  It is in the fight to live we learn of the precious gifts life offers, the smell of fresh rain on grass, the taste of ripe strawberries, the feel of sand beneath the toes, the beauty of sunset, the sound of bubbling brooks.  The colour of this Chakra and its energy is blood red symbolising life.

The Second Chakra Svadisthana, this connects us to the fertility of the earth as part of its cycle of growth death and regeneration.  The Svadisthana is awareness that life is short and we are part of a perpetual cycle of birth, reproduction, sickness and death.  This is the energy of Pluto and Jupiter, we are alive and we have a short time but a short time which is too precious to waste, we have much to enjoy whilst we are here and we should make the most of this time and use it to its fullest for tomorrow we may die and all opportunities are gone.  This is the realisation that as part of the cycle we too must end and we have an opportunity to love, share, feel and express our life.  We can create new life through our children or through our creative expression but we can create life because we are alive and that is joyous and precious state that should be appreciated.  The colour of this Chakra is orange symbolising the fire of life that burns within us all.

The third chakra manipuraka, this is our awareness of being part of this planet and yet a separate entity all of our own with our own thoughts, ideas and emotions.  The manipuraka is the awareness that we are a separate individual part of a whole which we need to learn to relate with and communicate.  This is the energy of the Sun and moon, that says we are aware and sentient that we feel and think as separate unique individuals.  Here we learn to filter our instinctual thoughts and emotions and learn to develop our own unique understanding and perspectives on life.  We become conscious of who we are as individuals we understand that we are unique and precious because we exist and in doing so we understand that we are all unique and precious simply by existing.  The colour of this chakra is yellow symbolising the light of the sun and its light reflected by the moon.

The fourth Chakra Anahata-puri, this is our spiritual connection to mother earth and the universe, through this link we can connect to the unconditional love some call God, this chakra is essential in developing the others that follow without proper development it is impossible to develop the others.  This energy is the energy of Venus and Uranus, through opening our heart to the unconditional love and compassion we have access to the higher mind of God and the universe, with access to this love we are able to heal others and ourselves on a soul level.  This chakra is vital because without connection to the universal unconditional love that exists we face what some Christians would call the second death or as Tibetan Buddhists would say we lose the home of the indestructible consciousness that we carry beyond death.  When we reconnect physically with the earth or emotionally with the divine and unconditional love we strengthen this bond and we also provide access needed to develop the further chakras.  The colour of this Chakra is green or pink symbolising its eternal life giving energy.

The fifth Chakra  Vishuddhi, this is our connection to the wisdom of mother earth and the universe, through this link we can understand that for everything their is a purpose, we can express the unconditional love and compassion of the Anahata-puri.  This connects us to divine thought and inspiration.  This energy is the energy of Mercury and Uranus, through opening our hearts to the unconditional love the universe contains through the Anahata-puri we can open our minds to connect with the universal wisdom through the Vishuddhi we can begin to understand the path we have chosen to follow in life and the wisdom we were meant to develop and understand through the many events and trials in life we develop the maturity needed to see these events as giving us precious gifts and abilities needed for our growth and development.  The colour of this chakra and energies is blue symbolising the depth of wisdom and eternal love contained within the universe.

The sixth Chakra is the Ajna, this is where we learn to balance both our spiritual and physical gifts, when we accept we are both and as such they are equally precious parts of who we are we are able to balance the needs of our physical bodies with the needs of the spirit, the need to be valued and recognised with the need to be spiritually honest.  This is the energy of Pluto and Neptune, where we develop an understanding of our spiritual journey as living fallible beings who as such are all loved unconditionally and who all have the same spiritual value regardless of our faults and mistakes as human beings.  Here we learn to trust the message of unconditional love as connecting all of us and through understanding the duality of our own nature we understand this truth is part of all of humanity.  Here we learn to trust our intuitive connection to God and the rest of humanity through our mutual connection to the divine love of the universe.  We learn that all souls are merely an expression of divine love felt and expressed through individual consciousness that can at anytime reconnect with the source of love within each other and the universe.  To trust the connection and its purpose in our lives.  The colour of this chakra is purple/violet and white symbolising the unity of pure love with the divine spirit of humanity within us all.

The seventh Chakra Sahasrara, this is where we understand the full potential of unconditional love as eternal expression of the soul which survives death, this love is what reunites with the universal love to become one after death, this is the bridal chamber of Christianity where we reconnect with the divine universal love that gave spiritual birth to us and the 1000 petalled lotus of Buddhism / hinduism that symbolises rebirth in the Pure Land.  This energy is of Neptune, this dissolves our individual views and perceptions and reconnects us to our original as part of the divine love, we realise we are all one aspect of universal love and there has never been a separation that we have always been universal love, that all of us are universal love and all of us are mirror images of each other and the divine.  The colour of this chakra and energy is white symbolising the realisation of the perfect love and divine residing within us all.

Understanding these energies brings consciousness of the dynamics of the chart.  The dynamics of Saturn and Mars in the natal chart are to help us develop an appreciation of the gift of life, trials in these areas give us the gifts of understanding this importance for ourselves and others.  Dynamic aspects help us develop an appreciation of the value of physical existence, and the importance of life.

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